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Ball Busting Chicks: Victoria: Jerked off and humiliated

Locked up and his hands tied up she jerks him off and promise him to treat him nice. But as he cums she change her mind, laughs at his ridicules manhood, spanks his cock and let him lick of his own sperm from the dirty floor.
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ballbustingchicks – Victoria – MP4/SD – The Harder I Kick Your Balls The Bigger Is Your Cock

She kick him full force in the balls with her high heels. Almost no rest from the brutal kicking from the beginning until the end! The Lady is surprised to see a huge boner, growing before her eyes, as she kicks him harder and harder in the balls. Usually the penis of her slaves going down when they get kicked in the bollocks. Now it’s even more fun for the Mistress to kick him in the balls, when his cock hard rock hard, stiffening up, , standing high up in the air. That just animates her to kick him even harder and even longer than she had in mind…
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Ball Busting Chicks: Servants Balls Tormented

For some women it’s a pleasure to grab small, vulnerable male bollocks, squeeze them, dig their fingers in the sensitive male meat balls and t*rture them in various ways. This lazy servant dares to touch her and beg for mercy. It’s sure that he will get an even harder punishment or she just laughs at him and mock him with his – from the pain, inflicted by ball squeezing – shriveled up penis. Of course he get kicked in the balls as well. After one hard final kick he lies destroyed on the floor.
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