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[FEMDOM 2018]subbyhubby – Goddess Tangent and Sunny Chase – Human Blow-Up Doll Part 1: Pussy Tease [ BDSM, TEASE & DENIAL, CUCKOLDING] Full HD download for free

13th July 2018


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Tangent and Sunny Chase are relaxing on the couch having a drink when they start having a conversation. They go outside and find Sunny’s boyfriend checking out a blow-up doll. Outraged but then amused, they decide to make HIM a blow-up doll by turning him into a total slut. He can’t have pussy ever again, so they decide to tease him with Sunny’s pussy and show him what he can’t have anymore. They tease him with Sunny’s gorgeous pussy, and this is only the beginning of his torment.
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Clubdom: Goddess and Sunny StrapOn Fuck/ Fucked Loose

Goddess Tangent and Sunny Chase now will fuck their sissy senseless now that he is stretched out for them. They have their strap-on harnesses equipped with enormous cocks that are going to do some serious damage. They cannot wait to pound him until his holes are loose and aching. The two gorgeous Mistresses fuck him good and hard, pushing every inch into his man-pussy holes. They love his moans and know he is going to be the biggest slut they have ever trained.

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Subbyhubby: Foot Bitch For My Goddess P2

Goddess Tangent and Sunny Chase are going to teach this little bitch how to worship their feet properly. They get to work making him suck on their toes and lick their soles. Their high arches are driving him crazy. He belongs collared and underneath them like a servant. He isn’t good enough for either of these women, especially his girlfriend Sunny. This is ALL he is going to get for now, so he better enjoy it.
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Clubdom: Fucked Human Ashtray/Fucked and Stuffed Bitch (September 28th 2017)

Goddess Tangent and Dahlia Rain may just be the most sadistic Mistresses Club Dom has ever seen. The slave feels so defeated as he is forced to be taken from both ends by these demanding Goddesses, splitting him open with their huge dicks that he can barely handle. He cringes and cries as they forcefully shove every inch inside of him.
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Club Dom: Michelle, Tangent & Rikki: Smothered and Milked

Club Dom: Michelle, Tangent & Rikki: Smothered and Milked

Mistress Ricky is stroking the slave’s hard cock. He must be so lucky to be out of chastity, except he knows his permission to cum will come at a price. The Mistresses are cruel and won’t ever let any slave have pleasure unless their sadistic torments follow. Mistress Michelle Lacy and Goddess Tangent provoke the slave and tease and smother him with their leather gloved hands and arms until his breath is taken away over and over again. The slave finally cums, but Mistress Ricky feeds it to him. She is learning how to be a cruel Mistress after all here at Clubdom.
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Club Dom: Michelle & Tangent: Caning Coach Jackson

Coach Jackson has been spying on poor Miss Mathews and makes very rude comments to her. She tells her teacher and principal on him. Professor Michelle and Principal Tangent decide to make the coach regret his ways and they call him into their office. He denies being a jerk to Miss Mathews, but they can see right through him, after all, they deal with men like him from time to time and this is why their school is so well-run, because they discipline all of the men employees themselves. spank and paddle him. The clip begins when they decide to really destroy him, with their canes. The three women, yes even Ricky, take turns putting the coach in his place, punishing him thoroughly with their hard firm canes.
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Club Dom: Michelle & Tangent Suspension Whipping/Runaway slave’s First Whipping

Club Dom: Michelle & Tangent Suspension Whipping/Runaway slave's First Whipping

Mistress Michelle Lacy, keeper of the slaves has found the newest slave has escaped. She drags him back to the estate and has him shackled and awaiting his punishment. She shows him to Goddess Tangent who agrees that he needs to be strung-up and whipped…..upside-down! The two Superstar Goddesses of femdom rip into him with their whips while they laugh and taunt him as he cries out apologies. He has never been whipped before and this is a punishment he will never forget. There is nothing like the sting of a whip, especially your first. The ladies mercilessly shred his back and show him that here, femdom is the ONLY WAY and there is absolutely no escape. If he knew how bad it would hurt, he might have never ran. Too late now…
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