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[FEMDOM 2018]clubdom – Goddess Tangent – For Sissy Bitch [pegging, sissy slut, Slut Training] Full HD download for free

20th July 2018


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Goddess Tangent has more plans for her sissy bitch. On his knees, he is ready to try to please his Goddess. Goddess Tangent is wearing one of her favorite strap ons, her big red as she likes to call it. Mere seconds into this, the sissy slut is choking and gagging on her big red. Goddess Tangent has a handful of his hair, face fucking him without mercy. When she allows him to come up for air, she slaps his face, and spits right into his pathetic mouth. Goddess Tangent has him bend over, after the brutal face fucking. Now it’s time to drive up the rear. Goddess Tangent has him bent over the spanking bench, and slams his ass with her big red. She pounds away, regardless of his screams and yelps. Goddess Tangent is balls deep with her big red. Goddess Tangent
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[FEMDOM 2018]clubdom – Vanessa Cage – Trains the Slut to take Her Cock [Cross Dressing, Female Domination, Femdom] Full HD

Vanessa Cage is having some serious fun, her big black cock is in the mouth of her cross dressed slave bitch. He attempts to take the whole thing in his mouth, struggling, but desperate to please his Goddess, he will go to extremes. She verbally degrades him as his head bounces up and down on her massive strap on. It’s not long before she finds herself behind her little bitch, with her big black cock penetrating his bitch ass. He loves being fucked by his Goddess, and gladly tells her. Each thrust is faster and faster, pounding his ass, while he accepts his fate. He knows he is her worthless little slut, and he begs for more cock!!
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[FEMDOM 2018]clubdom – Stella Liberty’s Big Cock [Female Domination, Femdom, Humiliation] Full HD

Stella Liberty resumes her testing of the sissy slave, only now she is armed with a huge strapon. The sissy bitch is forced on his knees, and forced to give Stella “head”. He deep throats and Stella makes him deep throat even more, watching him choke and gurgle on the cock. After having her way with his mouth, she decides it’s time to have some fun with his ass. She warms him up with a firm strapping prior to penetrating him anally. Bent over, she finally finds something he is good at, being a little bitch and being punished by her cock. Flipping him over and continued the pounding with him on his pathetic back. When she finishes using the sissy bitch, she finally decides which of the slaves she will keep. Who is the lucky slave?
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[FEMDOM 2018]clubdom – Stella Liberty – Slaps Her Bitch [Boot Fetish, Corporal Punishment, Face Slapping] Full HD

Stella Liberty and her two potential slaves have moved outdoors, to the beautiful indoor pool. While toiling away for their Mistress, Stella decides that it is now time to test the sissy slave. Dragging him to the dungeon, her quest to test his worthiness begins with a simple question…What can you do for me as my slave? Of course, Stella is not satisfied with his textbook answer and explains that she is longer for something much different. Stella, knowing this sissy slave would crumble under her harsh treatment slowly toys with her prey, using him as a spittoon and slapping his face. She literally takes her gloves off, and works this sissy over.
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[FEMDOM 2018]Clubdom: Goddess Tangent’s Punished Slut Full HD

Goddess Tangent has her sissy all dolled up. She tells her slut what is in store for her as she finishes applying the most obnoxiously pink lipstick on her slut’s lips. She bends the slut over and wants his ass to be nice and punished and red for her. Why? Because this slut was not good enough the last time at sucking cock and taking cock. So Goddess Tangent must make sure the slut does a better job and she starts first by paddling her sissy, making her ass match her slutty lips.
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