Mandy Flores – Limp dick cuckold bitch [CUCKOLDING, HUMILIATION, CHASTITY] HD

In this video I will describe exactly what a limp dick cuckold bitch is. How a limp dick cuckold bitch might be of use to a Goddess like me. Caged and tormented. Will I allow you stroke if you can manage to get it hard or forever leave in you a cage frustrated as you are allowed to watch my partners enjoy my magnificent body? Seeing how real men fuck and give me Godess Mandy Flores pleasure. Thats what give you pleasure and purpose.
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Saint Mackenzie’s: Geeky School Girl Melissa Plays with Her Cute Gym Panties While Stripping Off Her Gym Kit

Melissa is waiting outside Headmistress’s office. She has come straight from her hockey lesson and is still wearing her sexy little gym kit with big gym panties underneath her cute pleated skirt. As she waits she pulls up her skirt revealing her blue gym panties, she pulls at them pulling them up high in between her perky ass cheeks & pussy. She is also wearing cute lace panties underneath her gym panties and you get cheeky glimpses as her gym panties ride up. Playing with both pairs of her panties excites Melissa and she starts to slip off her gym kit, pulling at her panties as she does, even flashing her pussy lips either side of the panty gusset as the panties move around. Soon she is in nothing but her two pairs of panties and as she slips off her gym panties you can finally see her cute lace knickers before she pulls them up into her pussy!
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Saint Mackenzie’s: Cute Teacher Miss Taylor Strips While Playing with Her Sheer Backed Black Panties

Miss Taylor is waiting for Matron in the medical room; while she waits she parts her legs showing her pink panties underneath her tight pencil skirt. Miss Taylor loves the feeling of her panties and she runs her fingers over the pink satin panel at the front.
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Saint Mackenzie’s: Sexy Headmistress Mackenzie Convinces Naughty Student Dolly to Wear Very Big Panties

I am in my office with Dolly; I need her to run an important errand for me; however she is clearly distracted. As I try and ensure she has understood her instructions fully she is too busy rummaging around inside her skirt: it turns out her tiny thong is buried deep in between her ass cheeks! As she tries to rescue her thong from her ass I explain how she should wear more sensible big panties like I do, then she could always concentrate fully while sitting in comfort. I slip off my skirt and show her the big black panties I am wearing before going in my drawers and getting out my spare panties, which are very big & cotton. As Dolly strips naked I explain how much she underestimates big panties and if she wears my spare panties today she will soon realise the power they hold, and once wearing them Dolly is soon appreciating their true beauty!
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Saint Mackenzie’s Lauren Marsh: Gorgeous School Girl Lauren Strips While Playing with Her Cute White Gym Panties

Lauren has gone to Matron’s room after her sports class to have a medical exam. As she waits for Matron she parts her legs flashing her sexy white gym panties under her very short gym dress. Lauren loves her sexy gym panties and, as she starts to slip off her gym kit ready for her medical, she plays with them. She pulls them up into her perfect round ass before bending over giving you a naughty panty ass view from behind. As she slips off more of her gym kit she is soon left in just her underwear and you can see her naughty gym panties in all their glory. Lauren knows that Matron will want her completely naked for her medical, so slips off the rest of her underwear. However once completely naked she decides she cannot be without her gym panties and slips them back on without her thong underneath!
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Mandy Flores – Brother Smother Hand Job

I walk in on my brother being a total pervert again! This time I catch him sniffing my dirty panties I left in the bathroom. He’s just sitting there with no pants on trying to tell me he’s not doing anything. I decide if my loser brother really wants to smell something I’ll just take a sh*t and smother his face with my ass afterwards! He can clean my ass for me, how lucky is he really? He’s so freaking hard from the experience I jerk him off in my panties to collect eveidence of his perversion for later blackmail!Now I own his ass!
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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery: Morning Panty Sniffing

Mmmmmm…. *stretch* Good morning.

I know how much you love our intimate quiet time in the morning. How you love to sniff my crotch and ass after I’ve been sleeping in these panties all night. You love my personal aroma. It’s your favorite thing in the whole world. So go ahead, nuzzle your nose right in there & breath deeply…
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Ceara Lynch Humiliatrix: Daily Ass Fix

You know those cravings you get that drive you crazy during the day, that if you dont feed this addiction you will surely ? I have come to save the day, once again with a video you cant live without, especially if youre one of my ASS men. Face it, you are obsessed with my ass, and thats why youre here. You have a problem and Im going to help you. I know youll do anything to see my bare ass, but I need to tease you first with my stretch pants and lacy panties. Dont want to make you overdose from my perfectly round and juicy butt. Dont worry, soon youll be face deep between my cheeks licking my asshole clean like toilet paper.
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Mandy Flores – MP4/Full HD – Little Panties for Little Penis: SPH

(custom video) You are not worthly of my pussy, especially with that little dick you call a penis between your legs. So my tiny dicked friend, you get to worship my panties. That’s as close to my pussy as you’ll ever get…. Mandy Flores
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Humiliation POV Kelle Martina: Little Panty Boner Boy

Kelle Martina

Oh look, it’s a little panty boner boy. You love wearing panties, don’t you? But most of all you love seeing girls in their cute panties while you wear yours and touch yourself. Looking at me in my panties makes your panty boner all stiff. I’m wearing a little, black cotton thong, what kind of panties are you wearing? How did you get like this little sissy boy? How did it start? Your little panty obsession.

I’ll bet you’d love to sniff my panties while you rub yourself in your own little panties. I like you wearing girly panties, that way it shows exactly what kind of little sissy you are. You are a little sissy boner boy! LOL! You only wear panties any more under you boy clothes. And every day you rub your little boner in your panties. So rub that boner in your little sissy panties. Rub it little boner boy as I tease you in my panties.

I know you want to wear my panties, you little panty freak. That thought gets you so excited, doesn’t it you little panty boner boy? Right now you’re rubbing yourself just like a girl through your little panties. And that’s exactly what I want. Rub yourself for me little panty boner boy! LOL! Rub it and stare at my ass. I’m going to make you cum right in those panties. Nothing else excites you more. It feels good to have a pair of nice, soft, girly panties against your cock. You hate boy underwear, they’re so ugly and uncomfortable. Panties are pretty and soft and make you feel like a little sissy panty boner boy. And that’s what you want. You want to be a good little panty boner boy for me.

Now I want you to rub yourself faster and say, “I’m a little panty boner boy”. LOL! Say it over and over as you rub that dick in your panties. I want you to say it until you cum and stain those girly sissy panties. I want to make sure you don’t forget what you are! Cum in your panties you little panty boner boy!
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