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[FEMDOM 2018]clubdom – Lexi Luna – Milked for Control [Femdom ,Humiliation ,latex] Full HD

Lexi Luna has her slave in yet another compromising position, and proudly reminds that this slave has been in chastity for 43 days. Lexi playfully strokes his cock, teasing her slave, which is compounded by his 43 days of chastity. She reminds him who is in charge, jerking him off and stopping multiple times, to show her complete control over him. She will decide if and when he will come again. How much more stroking can he take?
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[FEMDOM 2018]clubdom – Vanessa Cage Milks the gimp [Femdom ,Glove Fetish ,Handjobs] Full HD

Vanessa Cage walks in, her gimp slave is kneeling, anticipating the return of his Goddess. Once again, the slave is completely under her strict control, and of course at her mercy, bound and hooded with a leather straight jacket. She laughs at her pathetic, gimp slave, and mocks his current predicament. Tormenting him further with her booted foot, rubbing against his useless cock, even her leather encrusted food easily twists the slave to her will. Vanessa verbally torments him, making him beg to be milked. On the table, she jerks him off with two gloved hands, squeezing his balls, and debasing him verbally. You can hear the disgust in her voice when she talks of his man filth. She torments him, constantly jerking him off, relentless verbal assault…the minutes seem like hours to the gimp slave. Will she give him permission to cum…
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