Violet Doll: A Dangerous Game

I want to play a game. The most dangerous game. Are you interested? Of course you are, but you’ll have to play by My rules.

My rules are pretty simple. Well, simple to understand. But nothing is ever easy with Me, really. You know that by now.

You’re going to stroke for Me. You’ll stroke it exactly how I want you to stroke it, and you will not cum. If you cum, I will destroy you.

*This was a custom order, but no names are mentioned during this clip.*

My favorite subbies will buy with mark up code 1GOODBOY

Good boys will buy with one of the following markup codes





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Violet Doll – An Hour in 10 Minutes

This is an opportunity for paypigs of all income brackets to participate in financial domination with Me. You know I’m expensive and out of your league, but I’m going to make this very easy so you don’t want to miss out.

*A financial domination and finger sucking fetish custom, but no names are mentioned. This is an ideal clip for all finsubs.*
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Julie Simone: Smoking Leather Gloves Blue Smoke (June 7th 2017)

Busty redhead Julie Simone smokes a Virginia Slims 120s while wearing leather gloves, a pretty bra and satin corset. Deep inhales and exhales of the smoke and Julie’s full sensuous lips.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow: Lip Venom

Today you’re going to have to make a choice. Option 1: You get to kiss me, but you’ll instantly from the poison I’ve placed on my lips. Option 2: You don’t get to kiss me, but you’ll live. If you think this is an easy choice, you’re very wrong. As I slowly draw the poison onto my lips, you feel your cock begin to swell. Seeing me and my mirror image kiss is enough to make your heart race. It would be such a good demise, wouldn’t it? The last thing you ever felt would be my lips on yours. Watching my body sway and my lips from beautiful words you find it harder and harder to make the logical decision. All you can think about is the way my kiss would taste.
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Lindsey Leigh: Perfect Tits Seduction Day 3

We meet again for your final day. I figured you would be back. Especially after the mind blowing orgasm I gave you yesterday. When I told you I wanted to take you in and never let you leave, I meant it. I want you to worship and adore me forever. Fall in love with my perfect tits and lips. Listen to every word as I twist and turn your mind. A mind fucking tease that will leave you turned on in a state of pure infatuation. Keep falling for me one pump at a time as I talk dirty to you. Who do you want more than anything or anyone in the world? Thats right, Lindsey Leigh.
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