Primals Transformations: Vampire Temptation: Corruption of the Pure

The Raunchy Rose strip club has been driven out of business by the local Church with plans to make it into an all-hours Mission for those in need of spiritual healing. Sister Kenna is hard at work boxing up the former club’s bottles of spirits.

Suddenly she is not alone. It seems a girl that used to work at the club has come in. Sister Kenna is sweet and pure and wants to help the girl. But, as the gorgeous dark haired young woman talks to her, Sister Kenna starts having thoughts and feelings she has kept at bay for a very long time. Temptations radiate off of the mystery vixen, and soon Sister Kenna is lost in her gaze…
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Subbyhubby: Rikki’s Revenge (Full Movie)

Watch all 6 parts of Rikki’s Revenge in one discounted movie!

Rikki’s Revenge
Rikki Rumor is on the phone with her best friend Jade Jantzen. She is telling Jade that her husband cannot sexually please her and has failed again. Rikki tells Jade that she should come over and spend some time with her. Rikki’s husband comes home from work and is surprised when Jade comes to the house. He hasn’t met Jade yet but Rikki plans on the two of them getting to know each other really well. Rikki takes Jade and her husband into the bedroom and Rikki and Jade start making out and fondling each other’s hot young bodies. Rikki insists that her husband only be allowed to watch.

Rikki’s Revenge 2: Foot Servant
Rikki and Jade are just getting st arted. They make Rikki’s pathetic husband worship their feet while they kiss, caress, and eat eachother’s pussies. He is not allowed to interact with the two women at all, and is reduced to licking the sweat off of their feet and watching what he cannot have.

Rikki’s Revenge 3: Orgasm Assistant
Rikki grabs the double-sided dildo that her husband holds pathetically in his mouth. She sticks it into her lover Jade’s wet pussy and starts working it in and out. Rikki and Jade are ready and they both bend over and insert the large dildo inside both of their dripping wet pussies and ride it right in front of Rikki’s horny slave husband. Rikki is determined for her and Jade to cum so she makes her husband assist and use only his tongue to work over their pussies while she uses the dildo on Jade. It’s all about their pleasure.

Rikki’s Revenge 4: Ass Eating
Rikki and Jade are not finished teaching Rikki’s husband a lesson, breaking his male ego and turning him into their slave. He now has to lick their asses. Both of the women’s asses are a bit sweaty from all of the heavy petting they have been doing and now her husband gets to slide his tongue up and down both of their asses and lick all of it off and then some for the pleasure of the women. He still cannot use his hands or cock. He’s just a tongue and lucky he is even that.

Rikki’s Revenge 5: Castration Threat
Rikki decides to allow her husband to have one more chance at pleasing them. She sees him kneeling there with his hard cock and decides it might as well be put to use. However he must obey her one wish. He will fuck Jade until she cums but he is not allowed to cum at all. If he does cum, she is going to take his balls and neuter him forever. He thrusts his hard cock deep into Jade, making her moan. He struggles to keep himself from cumming…

Rikki’s Revenge 6: Ass-Fuck The Pool Man
Now that Rikki’s husband is neutered and he is silent and cleaning the house as Rikki’s trained maid, Rikki decides to end their day by ass fucking the pool boy. Jade and Rikki watch him clean the pool and know that they absolutely need to. It will definitely reinforce the idea that Rikki is in charge of the household, something Rikki needs to show her submissive bitch husband on a constant basis now. The women go outside in their sexy attire and it isn’t long before they get the pool man to come inside. Unfortunately for him, the girls decide to make him get fucked like the little bitch that he is in order to keep his job. Be gets both of his holes stuffed with their huge cocks as the women laugh and smile.
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Club Dom: Lick and Obey

Club Dom: Lick and Obey

Elena and Sabrina are sitting on top of their slave’s cage, wondering what to do. They get an idea and decide to let their slave out of his cage. He is excited to be free but knows it will come at a price. The female lovers decide to make him worship every inch of their shiny PVC boots. He must shine them with his tongue and do it exactly the way they tell him that they want it done. The more torment he is put through, the more horny the women get and want to fondle each other and kiss.
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WHIPPED ASS: Nov 27, 2015 – Maitresse Madeline Marlowe and Virginia Tunnels

WHIPPED ASS: Nov 27, 2015 - Maitresse Madeline Marlowe and Virginia Tunnels

Maitresse Madeline Marlowe acquires hot new play thing Virgina Tunnels. Reluctant to submit to her lesbian desires, Virginia endures a flogging, whipping, spanking, bondage, and hard anal strap-on fucking. Madeline ties Virginia to the ceiling and fucks her with a dick on a stick. She then positions her mouth under her slut to catch the flood of orgasmic pussy juice that squirts out of Virginia’s cunt!
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ELECTRO SLUTS: Nov 26, 2015 – Cherry Torn and Nikki Knightly

ELECTRO SLUTS: Nov 26, 2015 - Cherry Torn  and Nikki Knightly

Cherry Torn hazes hot new brunette electroslut Nikki Nightly! Nikki suffers beautifully taking the violet wand, zapper, electrified copper wire, and an intense electro zipper! Nikki comes hard all over Cherry’s hand and an electrified dildo before Cherry comes on her face while riding a dildo gag and shocking her enthusiastic slut!
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WHIPPED ASS: Sep 25, 2015 – Holly Heart and Daisy Ducati

WHIPPED ASS: Sep 25, 2015 - Holly Heart  and Daisy Ducati

Suburban housewife Holly Heart falls asleep to the online premiere of Rihanna’s latest sexy music video and finds herself in a horny lesbian sex dream where she submits to badass bitch Daisy Ducati! In the safety of her dream, Holly explores her fantasies of abduction, inverted suspension, pussy licking, face sitting, finger banging, pussy and anal strap-on, and multiple intense orgasms! Stay tuned next week for Part 2, where the dream continues with an all girl gang bang!
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ELECTRO SLUTS: Aug 27, 2015 – Chanel Preston and Olivia Fawn

ELECTRO SLUTS: Aug 27, 2015 - Chanel Preston  and Olivia Fawn

Mistress Chanel Preston turns out new 19-year-old anal eletroslut with bondage, flogging, zapping, tasing, electro vaginal shield, electrified butt plug and hard pussy and anal strap-on fucking!
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WHIPPED ASS: Aug 21, 2015 – Chanel Preston and Britney Amber

WHIPPED ASS: Aug 21, 2015 - Chanel Preston  and Britney Amber

Chanel Preston, the CEO of a multi-billion dollar international company, ALWAYS get’s her way. After a stressful morning of bossing her minions around, Chanel uses her hot busty assistant, Britney Amber, to blow off some steam with OTK spanking, finger banging, fisting, dildo gag, pussy licking, and a hard pussy and anal strap-on fucking!
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ELECTRO SLUTS: Aug 20, 2015 – Siouxsie Q , Daisy Ducati and Mona Wales

ELECTRO SLUTS: Aug 20, 2015 - Siouxsie Q , Daisy Ducati  and Mona Wales

In part one of The Interrogation, Daisy Ducati uses electrical intimidation to confirm her hunch that Siouxsie Q double-crossed her with “competitor” Mona Wales. The details of the story unfold details in part two where Mona and Daisy punish Siouxsie and use her for their personal devious pleasure. Expect pussy licking, zapping, sticky pads, bondage, electric double penetration, and tons of fisting and squirting!
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