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[BDSM 2081]sensualpain – Abigail Dupree – Jun 17, 2018: Sex slave in Irons [Bondage Fucking, Deep Throat] HD

This sex slave in training learns that pain comes in many forms.

Outside on a cold coastal day, this slave type masochist needs to feel her worth while in pain, to feel the needs of a sadistic Master as he binds her in heavy painful restraints, loving her while giving her pain and pleasure locked in cold Irons to prevent escape otherwise wearing nothing but a hood and and a need to serve. She lives to be used as Master likes to take her, to please him is her main purpose, only purpose. This particular slave, though well trained, still has a few lessons to learn. How would you train and use this Chattel?
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houseofgord – Lola – MP4/SD – Corset Dress

Hey hey! Check it out… Lola is back! You can bet damn well that Gord will have to silence this one before she parades her around! Yes, Lola is a fun plaything, but Gord will have to exert more control over this one due to her tendency to talk back! Gags, hoods, and tape are all employed to shut her up! Well, we can always think of fun things for Lola to do… Check it out!
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houseofgord – Anna Rose – WMV/SD – Pony Training the Kinky Pony Girl

Description: The Kinky Pony Girl, Anna Rose, needs to be exercised. Gord and Lydia decide that the walker trainer is the perfect way to get her legs in shape. This trainer zaps Pony Anna every 3/4 turn. While wearing authentic Ledermeister Pony Gear She has to keep up the pace or risk being zapped even harder! Gord helps her keep the pace by whipping her around to walker.
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