humiliationpov – Miss Honey Barefeet – MP4/HD – You Can’t Take Your Eyes Off Of My Feet Even As I Dump You

Description: Miss Honey Barefeet

I know you’re so excited to get this video reply from me. I got your email and I decided to record a video to tell you why we can’t be together and why we can’t even be friends. You and I would never work, I will never be with you. I mean just look at yourself, you’re a foot freak, you’re staring at my feet while I’m trying to talk to you. I’m trying to tell you some important things and you can’t take your eyes off of my feet. You can’t even process what I’m telling you because you’re so fixated on my feet.
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Humiliation POV Miss Honey Barefeet: Severe Verbal Humiliation Makes You So Fucking Hard And That’s So Fucked Up (October 13th 2017)

Miss Honey Barefeet

I know sometimes you stupid losers wonder if I feel bad about degrading you. I know I make you do dehumanizing things and verbally mindfuck you until you hate yourself. And the answer is No. I don’t give a fuck about you or your existence. You’re just a fucking jerkoff loser who spends all day wanking. Why would I give a fuck about you? Why would I feel bad about humiliating you when all I’m doing is telling you the truth? You should be fucking thanking me and listening to me instead of jerking off to my words. But you can’t help yourself because you’re that fucking stupid!

Really I’m not sorry at all, I just don’t care. If you’re watching this clip then you’re a stupid, pathetic jerkahholic. So no, I don’t feel bad at all. You’re totally worthless. And you fucking love this! I know you’re jerking so hard right now and honestly I think it’s fucking sad. Really. So I’m just going to keep reminding you how I feel about you, and how fucked up you are because you love it, you need it. You couldn’t even resist buying this clip!

You can’t stop jerking off to this fucked up $.h.!.tt!! You’re not normal, you’re not a man, you’re not even worthy of this kind of attention, no matter how fucked up it is. You see no matter how badly I treat you, you come back for more. And the worse I treat you, the more you like it. Stupid, pathetic, jerkoff sluts like you deserve nothing but humiliation! Being degraded and treated like $.h.!.tt is the best part of your day. It makes you cock rock hard! You really are pathetic.

Honestly you’re not even worthy of this attention, of hearing my contempt for you. So I’m not sorry for treating you like a loser! Fuck you! You’re a fucking moron. If I spit in your face and laughed, you’d thank me and ask for more. That’s not normal! You’re so gross! I really hate idiots like you. And maybe the most fucked up part of all of this is that you Pay for it! I fucking love fucktards like you who beg and pay to be treated like $.h.!.tt.. You’re fucking worthless. The only use I have for you is to clean the soles of my heels with your tongue while I verbally annihilate you.

Is there any limit to how fucking low you will go? I don’t think you can stop yourself from doing fucked up $.h.!.tt that’s way beyond your limits. Admit it loser, you’re not normal. Jerking off to this $.h.!.tt isn’t normal. And you can’t fucking stop. Just look at how fucking hard I’ve made you.
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Humiliation POV Honey Barefeet: My Heels Own Your Cock, Your Wallet, And Your Brain, Daddy

Honey Barefeet is the brattiest step daughter, her voice and her attitude will consume you!

Hi Daddy! I think its time to load my credit card again. I want to go shopping. I need new high heels really badly. I know Im being spoiled but Im a girl and I cant live without shopping online, I just love it. And besides, you like seeing all my new heels on me Daddy, dont you? I know you love it when I show off my new heels and tease you with them, and you dont want me to tell mommy about that, do you Daddy? So cmon, give it to me, load my credit card with money, lol. And if you do, Ill tease you with my new sexy heels. You want that, dont you?

Just look at the sexy heels I have on now. I know I can manipulate you, I know about your weakness for my heels. I know you want to pay for my new heels, you want to please me. And then you get that guilty pleasure of jerking off to my heels on me, dont you Daddy? You just love them, youre so addicted. I love having a weak step daddy that I can manipulate and get to buy me anything I want. I love it. I love when you load my credit card. You pay for my dresses, my shoes and my lingerie. You like buying my lingerie, dont you Daddy? Youd do anything to feed your addiction to your bratty step daughter.

I love how easily I can manipulate your mind, Daddy. Making you pay for everything I want. Taking all your money to keep your secret. But you love it, you love when Im being so greedy and so mean, and when Im teasing you with every new pair of heels you bought for me. I know that your cock gets hard when you see them, knowing you paid for them. And I love taking advantage of you like this. And I know that you want to kiss my heels. Kiss the heels you paid for, Daddy. Kiss my toes Daddy. You know that my pretty feet demand another pair of gorgeous heels.

I know youre so turned on when Im teasing you with my feet and high heels. You love it when I let you worship them and kiss them. Youre such a pervert, Daddy. Youre so weak for me, so addicted, and I know that you need to feed your addiction more and more, and at the same time, loading my credit card, Daddy. Stroke your cock for my heels as you load my credit card, I just need that. I need to take everything from your wallet today. I need to go shopping so bad. Poor weak horny daddy, you just cant get enough of me, can you?

Keep stroking to my heels and feet. Feed your addiction, Daddy. My feet and heels completely own your dick, Daddy, your dick, your wallet and your brain. I love to manipulate you.
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