Houseofgord: Quinn in Training

Bound, hooded, arm-sheathed, chained, and helpless, unable to escape the Hitachi vibrator working against her clit;- Quinn performs magnificently on the new Pony Trainer treadmill device. Kay looks on from her bound position on the old lamp stand.
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houseofgord – Endza Ruby – MP4/Full HD – The Erection Set

This week we stopped by Lovingly Handmade Pornography to enjoy some biscuit sandwiches and happened to bump into Ruby and Endza. We invited them to join us after lunch and Russell decided to show us his latest piece of equipment. Before we knew it, Endza had stripped her clothes off and was climbing it bending over it and showing off her perfect pussy and ass..

We sat back to enjoy the show while Ruby put Endza through her paces. Enjoy this week’s update, We certainly did!
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Houseofgord: Fully Enclosed and Denied

Fetish Model Quinn is put into skintight hooded catsuit and then installed into the Butt Thrust Walker. Since the suit has no holes she is left to be tortured by Jessie Sparkles with nipple, clit torture and more. The helpless Quinn gets close to orgasm many times, but is denied again and again.
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