Violet Doll: A Dangerous Game

I want to play a game. The most dangerous game. Are you interested? Of course you are, but you’ll have to play by My rules.

My rules are pretty simple. Well, simple to understand. But nothing is ever easy with Me, really. You know that by now.

You’re going to stroke for Me. You’ll stroke it exactly how I want you to stroke it, and you will not cum. If you cum, I will destroy you.

*This was a custom order, but no names are mentioned during this clip.*

My favorite subbies will buy with mark up code 1GOODBOY

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Violet Doll – Big Tits Love Money

Do you love My big tits? Do you REALLY love My big tits? Prove it.

My big tits love money, so you’re going to pay Me. I know a weak horny titty addict like you simply cannot resist.

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