[FEMDOM 2018]bratprincess – Noe – Eager Foot Bitch Gets Deep Throat Toes [FOOT WORSHIP,FEMALE DOMINATION, FOOT FETISH] Full HD

Noe reclines on a chase and sips a drink while getting her feet worshipped. Her foot worship bitch is eager. It loves Noe’s toes. Noe just relaxes, but the more eager the foot worship bitch seems, the more she wants to make it suffer for her. Noe thrusts her foot deeper and deeper down the bitch’s throat, making it gag. She makes it beg for her perfect feet. The foot worship bitch begs and gets throat fucked deeply by Noe’s feet. She makes the bitch look at her butt in tight pants while it worships. The slave belongs totally to her.
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mistress nikita – My Shoe Box [SHOE FETISH, FOOT FETISH, HIGH HEELS] Full HD

I just added this fantastic new piece to my private fetish chambers. While it serves as a platform for my chair, it also allows me to put a slave’s head inside the box under my feet and lock its wrists and neck in place. I can then decide to leave it in the small dark enclosure while I still have access to the rest of its body or I can open the hatch above its head so it can lick my heels, worship my nylons or kiss my feet. This little slut was all too eager to try out my new shoe box… notice how excited "my" cock gets when I just mention worshiping my feet! Such a lucky slave to get so much of my attention and so close to my gorgeous Louboutin Daffodils, sheer black nylons and bare feet.

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[FEMDOM 2018]humiliationpov – Goddess Jolene – Beg Me To Suck My Toe Like Its A Cock You Pathetic Foot Fag [BISEXUAL ENCOURAGEMENT,MAKE ME BI, FOOT WORSHIP] HD

Goddess Jolene

I’m glad you confessed to me that you fantasize about sucking cock. And I think I might be able to help you out. I know you also enjoy worshiping my feet so I came up with an idea I think you’re going to love. You see, you can’t just suck off a guy if you have no experience. He’ll know. You need practice. So I’m going to have you practice on my toes. You need to start with something small if you’re eventually going to take something huge!
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