[FEMDOM 2018]obeynikita – Pantyhose Fucking Ashtray [HUMAN ASHTRAY,PANTYHOSE DOMINATION, PANTYHOSE/STOCKINGS] Full HD download for free

22nd July 2018


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Always nice to cap off the evening with a cigarette and a little entertainment. Why else would I allow a lowly male worm to exist in my domain? Well, other than amusing me, it can also save me from having to find a ashtray when I feel like smoking. It’s mouth works much better for that, and it self-cleans. Of course the slut couldn’t keep its peepers off my new micr-dot sheer black pantyhose and platform high heels. Gorgeous, aren’t they? I can’t blame it for being infatuated. So it got to fuck my hose while I flicked my hot ash into my ashtray I keep in its head. Lucky little slug.
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obeynikita – mistress nikita – Cum Funnel [FORCED MALE ORGASM, FEMDOM, FEMALE DOMINATION] Full HD download for free

It feels so good to get smothered in lubed up latex to play with my boi-toy chained to my rubber bed. A few hours left to inhale the scent of its fully enclosed latex bondage hood ensures that it’s hard horny and ready for me to use. I just love the funnel attachment — slave mouth held open so it has no choice but to swallow whatever I put down its drain hole. Look at how hard "my" cock gets when I spit in my human sink! Perfect to milk so I can feed it gobs of its own cum. A shame to let it go to waste, after all. It has to eat sometime!
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obeynikita – mistress nikita – Face Down on the Floor [STRAP-ON,DILDO FUCKING, FEMDOM] HD

I dressed my fuck-toy in a tight leather corset, fishnets and shiny patent "fuck me" ankle boots before allowing it to crawl to my feet and kiss my gorgeous Louboutin boots. Then I strapped it’s head into a thick leather deprivation hood so it could concentrate fully on the pounding it was about to receive. It really is so convenient to have a place to lock it’s wrists into while I take full advantage of my fuck-hole for the evening! Having it locked away made it easy to press it beneath my boot sole until it was laid out on the floor and begging to get fucked long, deep and hard. And that’s just what I did… I plungered my little pussy hole until I was satisfied and fuck-boi was gasping for breath under its strict leather confines. As is normal, it got put away in my steel cage and locked down for the night.
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[FEMDOM 2018]obeynikita – Chained To The Floor And Fucked [MALE STRAP-ON, BOOT DOMINATION, SHOE & BOOT WORSHIP] Full HD

Naked, hooded, cuffed, collared and chained to floor. Left there for hours while I get ready to play. It’s a dream come true for boot licking whore boi fuck holes like this slave. It needs to get that cock socket loosened up a bit so a nice thick black butt plug should do the trick while I smack its ass with my crop for being such a slut. Then I make it bend over, still chained by the neck , grab its ankles and beg for my dick to go deep. It’s the perfect position to fuck it in!
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[FEMDOM 2018]ballbustingchicks – Mistress Kawa – Cock Selfie! [SWIMSUIT, FEMDOM, HUMILIATION] Full HD

She makes fun of his cock as she decides to have him naked in the swimming pool. where all her sisters and girl friends are waiting to see a naked boy walking and swinging his cock in front of them. She get amused by the idea and laughs out loud, let him swing his cock and walking naked in front of her. She even takes a selfie where she laughs at his cock, to send it to all her girl friends and prepare them that the naked boy comes now to the pool, to be humiliated by them…
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Mistress Nikita – Obeynikita – My Human Smoke Filter [MEDICAL FETISH, HUMAN ASHTRAY, FEMDOM] Full HD

It’s so nice to return to the dungeon after an elegant evening out to find my human air cleaner right where I left it… like it had any choice. Now, it has no choice but to fulfill the service I’ve tasked it with — to filter my smoke! Such a lucky little object. I do enjoy a nice cigar to cap off the evening’s affairs and having a little sadistic fun just adds to my night. I don’t really care that it doesn’t smoke — it just lives to serve. So very amusing to use that cock as my ashtray after I blow copious amounts of smoke into it’s mask for it to consume and freshen up the room.
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[FEMDOM 2018]Mistress Nikita/Obeynikita – Taken Out Fucked Put Away [DILDO SUCKING, LEATHER, BOOT FETISH] Full HD

My human whore bois are no different than any other sex toy. They’re kept stowed away until I want to play. When I’m finished, they get put back in their proper place – usually my cage since I can’t cram them into a drawer. This slut is learning to be a good fuck, but still a long way to go. I think the problem is it still clings to the illusion that it’s something more than just two holes to stick my rubber cock into. It can take a while to completely break them, but it’s worth it in the end. Maybe another few months of getting fucked twice a day will finally put this pig in its proper place.
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[FEMDOM 2018]Mistress Nikita/Obeynikita – Stocking Ciggie Piggy Full HD [PANTYHOSE/STOCKINGS, FEMDOM, HUMILIATION]

It’s so nice to return home from an evening out and have my piggy pet all caged up waiting to be useful. I normally bring it my date’s leftovers in a doggie bag, but we didn’t spend much time eating tonight, if you know what I mean. I knew porky would be hungry so I decided to serve it one of its favorite meals – my spit and cigarette ash, and the butt for dessert. Since it waited so patiently, it also got to rub its little thing on my black sheer seamed stockings. That’s about the only pleasure I allow it. Such a lucky pig.
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obeynikita – Mistress Nikita – MP4/HD – It Wants To Be My Panty Bitch

This piggy is such a filthy little whore it’ll do anything to feel me jam my fat black dick deep inside its cock hole. Like any good whore, however, it’ll have to take it deep down its throat first to get it nice and slippery. Then it’s time to ram home it’s true purpose in life — to become my panty wearing slut boi that craves my dildo and whatever else I might want to shove in there. Once it starts down that road there’s no turning back. I hope it realizes just what it begged for.
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sado-ladies – Empress Victoria – MP4/HD – Domination With High Heels (HDTVWMV)

next clip today we have with empress victoria! this rich and arrogant bitch was shopping and all the time her slave has to wait for her tied in front of the door. so after she comes home from the shopping her heels are quite dirty and the slave is released so he can lick all the dirt away from the shiny heels of his goddess. after only a few minutes he starts to moan so he gets some ecouragment from his goddess by hard kicks on his back. it seems he needs some more punishment so the bitch starts to flatten his hands also under her cruel shoes. still not convinced that her slave will lick better now he gets also some severe kicks to his pathetic balls. time for the next shoe licking trial now and – what a wonder – now he performs much better. clip duration: 06.27 german language!
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