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[FEMDOM 2018]bratprincess – Carmella – That Little Locked Up Cock is Mine [SPITTING, HUMILIATION, FACE SLAPPING] Full HD download for free

24th July 2018


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Princess Carmella, of the Mean Girls, has a slave who would do nearly anything to get out of his chastity device. Carmella spits in her slave’s face and humiliates him verbally. She teases his aching balls with her fingernails. The slave has been unable to touch himself for nine months while in service to Princess Carmella. He is very desperate for a release. Carmella slaps the slave in the face and makes it beg. She decides not to let the pathetic slave out. He deserves to stay locked up forever.
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[BDSM 2018]Assylum: KENDRA HEART – YES, SIR OR CRY [Painal, Rimjobs, Rough anal , Spitting] Full HD

This is the kind of scene you search and search for. It’s got a super hot, young girl submitting to a sadistic, dominant man. It’s got brutal anal sex in bondage. It’s got deep ass eating and foot worship. Best of all, it’s got a great girl who gives her all to submit. When Dr. Mercies tells her he only wants to hear one of two things come out of her mouth–"Yes, Sir" or crying–things get beautiful and deep. We hope you enjoy this scene. Others fake it; we make it.
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[BDSM 2018]assylum – Riley Reyes – Anal Office Thing [Ass fucking, Ass to mouth, Ass-eating antics] Full HD

Here we have a wondrous and rare mix, folks. A rough painal fuck with ass-to-mouth for a beautiful blond with a perfect rump. A hard domination session with intense objectification and SM play for a very kinky girl who also happens to be a porn star. A long, continuous scene shot in real time without any cuts or fakery. And no-nonsense interviews with the performers to hear what it was like and why they do it. It’s a mix like grandma’s cookies. Other people can copy the recipe, but no one can duplicate the cookies. Enjoy this proud Assylum session with the wonderful, beautiful, and kinky Riley Reyes.
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[FEMDOM 2018]clubdom – Lexi Luna – relentless Paddling [Corporal Punishment, Cross Dressing, Face Slapping] Full HD

Lexi Luna is getting an appraisal on her house and the appraiser is in for quite the surprise. Wandering around her property, the unsuspecting guest finally finds her, in her dungeon room. He walks in, Lexi wearing a big black cock, with her beautiful breasts exposed. Immediately the man is intimidated, and it’s only seconds before Lexi forces the man to his knees. She collars him and relentlessly slaps his face. Lexi jumps right in and begins paddling him, and after all of the verbal humiliation he thought things could not get worse for him. What’s next for her new bitch?
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[FEMDOM 2018]clubdom – Stella Liberty – Slaps Her Bitch [Boot Fetish, Corporal Punishment, Face Slapping] Full HD

Stella Liberty and her two potential slaves have moved outdoors, to the beautiful indoor pool. While toiling away for their Mistress, Stella decides that it is now time to test the sissy slave. Dragging him to the dungeon, her quest to test his worthiness begins with a simple question…What can you do for me as my slave? Of course, Stella is not satisfied with his textbook answer and explains that she is longer for something much different. Stella, knowing this sissy slave would crumble under her harsh treatment slowly toys with her prey, using him as a spittoon and slapping his face. She literally takes her gloves off, and works this sissy over.
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