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mfvideobrazil – Fabianne Silva And Lilo – Dominated Kisses And Face Licking [lesbian domination ,licking ,kissing] Full HD download for free

28th July 2018


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Chubby slave girl with pigtails, Lilo playing on a smartphone, but her mistress, Fabianne Silva doesn’t really like it. She tie her hands back on a chair with tape and also her legs, then take her phone, and start to lick her face, ruin her makeup and kissing with her and push her tongue so deep she start to gagging.
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bratprincess – Lizzy Lamb and Natalya – Rides Lesbians Face while Waiting for Alpha Male to Show Up [Lesbian Domination, Face Sitting, Female Orgasm] Full HD download for free

21st July 2018

Face and Body Sitting Smothering

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Natalya is getting all worked up thinking about the nice date that her boyfriend is taking her on later. She’s so excited. Her boyfriend isn’t around, but her submissive friend, Lizzy is. Natalya doesn’t want to wait for her boyfriend to arrive. She decides to call Lizzy in and use her face before her boyfriend gets there. Lizzy obediently helps Natalya out and lays on the bed where she is told to. Natalya may or may not be aware that Lizzy wants to be more than friends with her. So, hearing Natalya talk about the nice date that she has planned with her boyfriend is actually heartbreaking for Lizzy.

Natalya confesses to Lizzy that sometimes her Dominant boyfriend doesn’t take his time to get her off first like a nice guy should. This is maybe where Lizzy can have a place in Natalya’s life. Lizzy lays on the bed passively while Natalya takes charge. Natalya thinks and talks about her boyfriend while riding her lesbian friend’s face. Lizzy doesn’t seem to enjoy being sexually used by Natalya like this. Natalya is rough with her and doesn’t seem to be thinking about her at all while riding her face. “God I just can’t wait for his dick!” Natalya screams out as she climaxes while using Lizzy. When she’s finished, Natalya makes Lizzy get underneath the bed. That is the spot Lizzy has to be in when Natalya’s boyfriend comes over to fuck her. Lizzy needs to hear how a man with a nice cock can please a woman better than a lesbian ever could.
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[BDSM 2018]goddessalexandrasnow – Transforming My Son’s Girlfriend, Part 1 [] Full HD download for free

8th July 2018


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A sexy, new multipart series with Cupcake Sinclair! (@Subbie_Cupcake on Twitter) My son’s girlfriend has asked to speak with me about an issue regarding my son. It seems he’s been pressuring her to have sex before marriage. Now, little Cupcake here is a virgin, and doesn’t want to have sex before marriage. She’s distraught. She doesn’t know how to communicate with him and has come to me, his mother, for help. But I sense a different opportunity here. Being an expert in hypn0-therapy, I convince her to go into trance for me in order to ease her mind. She goes down quickly and quietly and suddenly she is putty in my hands. I decide that this little sweet thing is too cute not to be sucking cock. Virginity is wasted on her beautiful body. I inform her that she is going to be my new little slut pet. I’m going to teach her to suck and fuck like a pro. But first, she’ll have to learn to worship her new Goddess. She’ll start off worshipping my feet, and then the real fun will begin.
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mfvideobrazil – Mariah Blonde And Jessy Chinf – Fighting Girls The Lesbian Boxing And Pussy Licking [girl with girl, fight, brazil] HD download for free

Young latinas fighting about who is the stronger one, but when they can not decide, ask a judge to manage a game, and see who will be the winner. The fight starting, the naked girls kicking and punching each other, and wrestling on the floor. The stronger girl sitting o the weakest face, smothering her and commands to lick her warm pussy deeply.
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[BDSM 2018]mfvideobrazil – Nanda Rios And Slave Bruna – Lesbian Domination Wild Pussy Lick [licking ,lesbian domination, lesbian] Full HD

Wild pussy lick, that says everything what this movie offers. Two amazing cool gilrs one domina and one slave in a pussy licking extreme movie. the slave has to lick with long deep tongue the perfect shaped pussy of Nanda Rios. She has to do that fast and real, during the whole movie and Nanda like to come as often she can. Wild? Yes its wild, you have to see that movie and the licking if you are in to lesbian licking movies and if you love to see the perfect pussy gets licked by one other bitch.So make some questions to yourself, do you like pussy? Do you like brazilian girls? Do you like domination vids? Do you like lesbian licking movies…If yes, then dont miss that movie.
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bratprincess – Chloe and Lizzy – Teaches slave girl How to Fluff her Boyfriend [DOMINATION,DILDO SUCKING, STRAP-ON] Full HD

Chloe is training her slave, Lizzy, to take care of Chloe’s boyfriend’s sexual needs. Chloe loves her boyfriend, but sometimes she just doesn’t feel like giving him a blowjob every time he wants one. Lizzy is a great helper, and this is another way that Lizzy can help Chloe out. Chloe wears her strap-on so that she can teach Lizzy how her boyfriend likes to have his cock sucked. Chloe wants Lizzy to do just as good a job sucking him as she would have done. If Lizzy doesn’t do a great job pleasuring Chloe’s boyfriend, then she will be punished. Lizzy sucks Chloe’s strap-on like she fears her. Chloe’s great boyfriend does not deserve subpar head. Lizzy’s got to prove to Chloe that she’s a great cocksucker before Chloe will give the slave girl over to her boyfriend for his use. Chloe’s boyfriend really likes deepthroat. Sometimes all the chocking and gagging can be a lot of work, and that’s why it will be Lizzy’s job from now on. Lizzy’s going to have to remember not to get emotionally attached to Chloe’s boyfriend. She is just the fluffer. Once Lizzy has finished her job, she will have to kneel in the corner and listen to Chloe get fucked. She has to remember that Chloe’s boyfriend is not her man.
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cruelcity – Mistress Alexandra, Mistress Julia – Tickles Her Beautiful Female Slave! [Laughing , Lesbian domination , Sensual tickling] Full HD

After tying her beautiful female slave to the bed, Mistress Alexandra climbs atop the girl`s naked body and begins to torment her with tickles! Her slave squirms on the bed, laughing uncontrollably as her mistress tickles her with a giant feather. Her laughs turn to loud shrieks as Mistress Alexandra continues the tickle torture, setting aside the feather and using her fingers to tickle her slave instead. The girl`s skin is extra sensitive and she can`t stop cackling as Mistress Alexandra finds her most risible areas. She writhes around on the mattress but can`t escape the tickles since her mistress has secured her arms and legs to the bed. How much tickle torture can this slave endure? Mistress Alexandra is determined to find out, and doesn`t stop tickling the girl until she`s close to passing out! Watch as a naked Mistress Alexandra tickles her naked slave, the room echoing with the sound of their laughter.
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goddessalexandrasnow – Sensual Nylon Worship [pantyhose domination, lesbian domination, goddess worship] SD

I’ve lured the lovely Cheyenne Jewel into my hotel room for some fun with nylons. After spending all day in latex, it’s nice to come back and relax in some breathable clothes with a beauty such as Cheyenne. Relaxing very quickly turns into Cheyenne kissing and worshiping my silky nylon pantyhose. She loves to work her lips up and down my legs and ultimately down to worship my feet. Her mouth wrapped around my foot feels so warm and sensual. Her ass in the air with her lips around my toes is such a lovely sight after a long day.Cheyenne knows how to put me in good mood.
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[BDSM 2018]bratprincess – Chloe and Lizzy – Rich Brat Dunks Poor Girls Head in Dirty Mop Bucket [WEDGIES, SHOE & BOOT WORSHIP, HOUSECLEANING] Full HD

1080 HD Lizzy is cleaning the kitchen floor on her hands and knees. Chloe comes in and yells at her. She isn’t happy with the job Lizzy has done cleaning the other rooms. Lizzy apologizes to Chloe, but that isn’t enough to make it right. Lizzy offers to re-do the other floors in the house. Chloe still is not happy. Then Chloe notices that Lizzy is wearing makeup. Lizzy’s been preening herself to make herself look prettier, instead of focusing her attention on cleaning the floors. Lizzy admits that she’s tried to make herself look pretty because she was hoping that, after finishing all the chores, she could go out with Chloe. Chloe laughs. She NEVER wants to be seen in public with Lizzy. Lizzy is POOR. She doesn’t have nice enough clothing. Chloe would never want to be seen with a someone who dresses rags like the ones Lizzy wears. It would be embarrassing.
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