[FEMDOM 2018]bratprincess – Raven Heart – Cuck Gets a Quick Ass fuck Mistress gets a Nice View [Strap-On, Public Humiliation, Financial Domination] Full HD download for free

Raven fucks her slave in the ass while outside on the balcony of a penthouse suite. People in the high rise right across from them could see what they are doing from their balconies and windows, but Raven doesn’t care. She wants people to know what a depraved whore she has trained. Raven enjoys the view from the top. She looks out over the beautiful city while fucking the slave’s ass. The slave’s pink chastity device bounces while Raven drives the cock deep. Raven feels like she’s on top of the world, fucking her slave while enjoying the beautiful view of the city below her. When Raven’s done pounding her slave, she wants to go shopping. She has the slave go into the penthouse and fetch its wallet for her so that she can use his ass and his finances as she pleases.
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cruelcity – Mistress Scarlett – Punishes Her Slave’s Asshole with a Big Dildo! [Male strap-on , Dildo fucking , Femdom]

With her slave naked and bent over, Mistress Scarlet secures him to the table and begins to whip his bare ass. A devious smile on her face, she kicks things up a notch by smacking his tender balls while he squirms in agony. She takes pleasure in making him act like a dog, and laughs in delight as he whimpers like a puppy while she abuses him. She’s one twisted bitch, and she’s just getting started with this loser! "Wiggle that tail!" she demands, and cackles in joy as he shakes his ass back and forth. Reaching for her dildo, she smacks it against his sore balls before forcefully cramming it into his tight asshole. He groans in misery as she works it deeper inside of him, his groans turning to screams as she pushes every inch into him. She violently thrusts it in and out of his asshole while he cries out in a mixture of pain and humiliation. He feels like he’s being ripped in half as she mercilessly fucks him with her big dildo, a satisfied smirk on her face while she does it. Just when he thinks the punishment is over, she begins to whip his ass and balls again!
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bratprincess – Chloe, Natalya, Sasha – MP4+WMV/Full HD – Step Daddy gets Punish Fucked by Daughter and Mean Friends (1080 HD)

1080 HD Natalya punish fucks her step-daddy while Sasha and Chloe, her hot friends from school, watch. It doesn’t take much to make bratty, young, Natalya angry. It’s step-daddy’s job to clean the house, and he did an unsatisfactory job cleaning the toilet. When he messes up, even just a little, Natalya punishes him with the strap-on. Step-daddy is a loser and the girls hate him. They love hurting him because that’s what he deserves. Natalya keeps step-daddy in a pink chastity, so that he can’t get a gross erection around her and her friends. Natalya invites Sasha to fuck her step-daddy, too. The girls giggle and smile while they pin down and sodomize step-daddy. Chloe takes a few photos with her phone. They’ll use those to make his life even worse later.
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Tasha Reign and Veronica Vain – Urban Lesbians

These 2016 AVN nominated performers have an appetite for each other. Passionate kissing, titty sucking, pussy eating, ass licking, dildo, hitachi, double headed dildo play and squirting is what comes out of this evening between Tasha & Veronica Vain (an X-Wall Street Lazard Asset Management intern).

Format: MP4
Duration: 26 Min
Size: 504 Mb
Resolution: 1920×1080

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