ballbustingchicks – Victoria – MP4/SD – The Harder I Kick Your Balls The Bigger Is Your Cock

She kick him full force in the balls with her high heels. Almost no rest from the brutal kicking from the beginning until the end! The Lady is surprised to see a huge boner, growing before her eyes, as she kicks him harder and harder in the balls. Usually the penis of her slaves going down when they get kicked in the bollocks. Now it’s even more fun for the Mistress to kick him in the balls, when his cock hard rock hard, stiffening up, , standing high up in the air. That just animates her to kick him even harder and even longer than she had in mind…
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Ball Busting Chicks: Empress: Old mans cock ruined!

First she burns the hairs from his nutsack off with a big lighter… then she ties nasty deep cutting in cable straps around the old mans cock. She closes the straps as tight as possible. His cock looks already maltreated as she takes the whip to t*rture his old boner further… and of course she does not forget to whip his bollocks. That was just a lesson for showing up at his Mistress without shaved balls!
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Humiliation Princess Rene’s Clips!: Irina Renegotiates Her Lease

Custom clip. I’ve asked you, my landlord, to come to my place before I go to work so we can discuss my new lease. You’ve really upped the price! Can’t you just keep it where it is now? No? That’s too bad. By the way, why don’t you have a nice glass of prune juice. You’re looking a little sallow and its really healthy! Anyway… how about we strike up a deal? When I get home from work I’ll film a super sexy strip tease video just for you! I know how much you love bras so I’ll strip totally NUDE and try on three different bras for you. I’ll make it really hot! Sound good? You’ll have to give me the next 12 months rent free. It’ll be worth it though, trust me!

[Includes strip tease, tease & denial, financial domination, cock tease, blackmail fantasy, female domination, femdom pov, ass worship, pantyhose, bra fetish, tit tease, erotic dancing, ass shaking, findom. Shot in HD.]
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