Brat Princess 2: Veronica – 18 Year Old Cheerleader Make Step Father Lick Dirty Sneakers and Worship Stinky Feet (1080 HD)

1080 HD Bratty 18-year-old Veronica is mad at her stupid step-father. She told him to clean her white cheer sneakers. He didn’t. Now she wants him to lick them clean. Veronica enjoys a lollypop while her step-father licks the dirt from her shoes. She has a cheer competition and she wants her white sneakers to be spotless. Veronica’s step-father is very pathetic. He obediently licks his 18-year-old step-daughters shoes. After the shoes have been cleaned with his tongue, Veronica tells her step-father to smell her stinky cheer socks. Veronica’s step-father does as he is told and smells his step daughter’s cheer socks. After he is done sniffing, Veronica wants her step-father to worship her feet. He does as his step-daughter wishes. Veronica knows exactly how to exploit her step-father’s foot fetish to get whatever she wants. She tramples him underneath with her pretty bare soles. With her perfect young feet, Veronica always gets whatever she wants from her foot-obsessed step-father.
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Humiliation POV Kelle Martina: Cheerleader Cuckolds And Emotionally Destroys Pencil Dicked Nerd School Loser

Kelle Martina is the hottest cheerleader at school who makes you fall in love with her with the sole purpose of fucking the entire football team in front of you to emotionally destroy you.
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Brat Princess 2: Chloe – Dweeb Worships a Cheerleaders Feet (1080 HD) NEW

1080 HD Chloe’s had a rough cheerleading practice. Her feet are very sweaty. Chloe makes nerdy little danni take off her sneakers and smell her socks. Dweeby danni does as he is told by the pretty girl. Chloe makes danni take her socks off and worship her feet. While danni is worshiping Chloe’s feet, Chloe tells him that he is going to be entered in a strap on contest. The contest is something she and some of her friends are doing for fun. Danni does not want to participate. Chloe does not care what danni wants. He is going to have to be a part of the contest anyway. Chloe loves to humiliate the little dweeb. She tells danni that the whole cheer squad is coming over later. He’s going to have to worship the feet of every girl on the squad. Danni tries to complain, but Chloe reminds him that he does not have a choice.
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Atlanta Dungeon: Slutty Cheerleaders Get Spanked (MP4 HD)

There’s a whole lot of ass smacking going on in this clip. Two male and one female slutty cheerleaders get their back porches painted red by Goddess Samantha, Mistress Ultra Violet, and Mistress Alexis. It’s hard to tell who’s ass obtains the reddest hue as the resounding smacks of hand on ass echo thru out the dungeon. A spanking lover’s delight.
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Humiliation POV Miss Honey Barefeet:You’re A Sucker For Bratty College Cheerleader Ass

Miss Honey Barefeet

You fucking loser, you’re such a perv for hot bratty college co-eds. And you love it even more when they humiliate you. And you especially love college cheerleaders. It’s one of your huge weaknesses. You fucking linger and perv all the time. I know it, you’re an old creep and a perv. You hang around the games, hoping to get a peek under our short skirts because you love hot young college cheerleader ass in panties. You love the way you have to look so hard just to get a peek beneath my skirt. You wait for it. It makes you so horny and makes you act so foolish. You are a filthy perverted loser and you know it. You’re addicted to college brat ass.

And you know the only way to get my attention is with your money. If you want to stare up my skirt and hear me giggle at you, you have to pay for it. Otherwise I wouldn’t pay any attention to you. You have to pay for the privilege to stare at my ass under this short little cheerleader skirt. You get so horny and stupid when you stare at my ass. And you love it even more when I’m mean and bratty towards you. You love when I take your cash and tell you to fuck off and flip you off as I walk away. And you have to pay because I know what a pervert you are.

I love teasing loser rejects like you who never have sex with hot girls like me. It’s so easy. So go on, pay and worship my ass, worship it under my skirt. I know how addicted you are. How desperate you are for a glimpse. Look at my tight little ass in these cute panties. It’s making your dick twitch so hard. You can’t get enough loser. And I love taking your money. So go on, worship my ass, sniff it. If you’re lucky, maybe I’ll let you jerk your filthy dick in front of me. Tell me how grateful you are that I shake my ass around in front of your stupid face.

You can’t get enough of my ass, you can’t stop stroking. It’s so pathetic. You desperately crave to touch it but I’d never let you loser! My ass is for real men. I only date football players. And look at yourself, you’re just a fucking loser for me to tease and abuse. You’re a sucker for my ass. You’re jerking off and craving to be dominated by my ass. My ass has complete control over you. You’re so horny and stupid for me. My ass gives meaning to your pathetic life. It’s all you can think about. You’re such a sucker.
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