[FEMDOM 2018]bratprincess – Raven Heart – Cuck Gets a Quick Ass fuck Mistress gets a Nice View [Strap-On, Public Humiliation, Financial Domination] Full HD download for free

Raven fucks her slave in the ass while outside on the balcony of a penthouse suite. People in the high rise right across from them could see what they are doing from their balconies and windows, but Raven doesn’t care. She wants people to know what a depraved whore she has trained. Raven enjoys the view from the top. She looks out over the beautiful city while fucking the slave’s ass. The slave’s pink chastity device bounces while Raven drives the cock deep. Raven feels like she’s on top of the world, fucking her slave while enjoying the beautiful view of the city below her. When Raven’s done pounding her slave, she wants to go shopping. She has the slave go into the penthouse and fetch its wallet for her so that she can use his ass and his finances as she pleases.
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[FEMDOM 2018]humiliationpov – Lady Fyre – Young Step Mom Manipulates Her New Step Son [TABOO,CHASTITY, ORGASM DENIAL] HD

Lady Fyre

I know that you’re worried about your dad. I mean I just married him and came into your family and I’m much younger than him. In fact, you and I are much closer in age, aren’t we? And I know that you’re concerned that I might only be after your daddy’s money. But I assure you that’s not true. It’s not just money I’m after, I love controlling men. I just really get off on it. I just love manipulating men. I’m so beautiful and seductive, it wasn’t hard to get your dad to propose to me.
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subbyhubby – Lexi Luna0 turns Hubby into a Slave [Chastity, Chindo, Dildo Fucking] Full HD download for free

Get all 5 exciting parts for one low price!
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[FEMDOM 2018]humiliationpov – London Lix – The Chastity Experiment [ORGASM CONTROL, MIND FUCK, FEMDOM POV] HD

London Lix

As you know I am a student of psychology and you are here because you have agreed to be one of my test subjects for my thesis on male chastity. Are you ready to begin? I know you’ve never tried chastity before and it can be quite difficult because you’ve become so addicted to touching your penis that the very prospect of having that pleasure taken away can be really daunting. I am glad you were brave enough to come in here but in order to qualify as one of my participants, you must be ready to follow all of my instructions for however long I decide this process will last. It could take days, weeks, possibly even months of chastity, months of denial. Do you think you’re up for the challenge?
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[FEMDOM 2018]subbyhubby – Lexi Luna – Teasing the Boss [Chastity, Cuckolding, Female Domination] Full HD

Lexi Luna continues the domination and transformation of her boss, from boss to obedient, pathetic, cross dressed, bitch slave. To gain further control over her “boss” she plays with herself, right in front of his pathetic face, teasing and tormenting him even more. He is within smelling distance of her magnificent pussy, but he will never have it. This is as close as he will ever come, and Lexi constantly reminds him. Allowing him to smell her hot pink dildo only strengthens the hold she has on this pathetic bitch. When she does explode all over her dildo, she allows him to suck on the dildo, which was the highlight of his bitch life. She mounts and teases him even more, verbally slaying him while playing with her tits. She constantly reminds him of his new position in life…her bitch. The video continues with her teasing and tormenting him even further, one step closer to being Gaping Gabriella.
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[FEMDOM 2018]humiliationpov – Goddess Jocelyn – Your Hot Step Sis Puts You In Chastity To Cure Your Chronic Masturbation [TABOO, ORGASM DENIAL, FEMDOM POV] HD

Goddess Jocelyn

Ewwww gross! Ewwww what are you doing? I can’t believe I just walked in on my step brother jerking off. Oh my god! You are the biggest loser! Is this what you do in here all day long? You do, I hear it all day long next door in my room. You have no friends and no life, you just sit in here all day and play with your cock. It’s so pathetic. You are the worst step brother ever! You really need some help. I should tell your mom about this.
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[FEMDOM 2018]humiliationpov – Princess Candy Glitter – Lonely Losers Belong In Chastity, Home Alone, While I Drain Their Credit Cards [FINANCIAL DOMINATION,CHASTITY, MIND FUCK] HD

Princess Candy Glitter

You deserve to be at home, locked up, with your wallet out. I am going to go out on dates, and go shopping and I’m going to take your credit card and pay for all of it. I’m going to go out on dates with other men and you just get to sit at home, locked up in your cage, frustrated, while I get pleasure. I deserve pleasure, you don’t.
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[FEMDOM 2018]subbyhubby – Lexi Luna – The Pathetic Husband Worships Lexi’s feet [] Full HD

Lexi has her bitch husband, on the floor, in chastity, at her feet. Where he absolutely belongs. Lexi knows that as a husband, he is absolutely worthless when it comes to sex. His pathetic 2” dick will please nobody. His tongue is also useless, unless it’s used to clean dirty feet, and she has no problem telling her bitch husband this. Every day she is breaking him down further and further. Lexi is extremely pleased that she found something useful in her marriage…he can clean her princess feet with his pathetic slave tongue. Lexi puts her slave husband to work, allowing him the privilege of cleaning her feet from every angle. She was so pleased with his tongue cleaning, she walks out saying I am going to change, and when I get back we will fuck…is she going to free him from chastity???
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[FEMDOM 2018]humiliationpov – Princess Ellie – Permanent Chastity, Weld Your Lock Shut, No More Thinking With Your Cock [CHASTITY,ORGASM DENIAL, ORGASM CONTROL] HD

Princess Ellie

Some of you are so lucky, you get to stroke whenever you want. You can jerk it any time you like. You see a brat like me, you stroke it, you cum and then you repeat it. But there are some of you who are in chastity. Some of you can’t jerk when you want. Some of you need to pay for your keys back. And some of you enjoy keeping yourselves in chastity for long periods of time.
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[FEMDOM 2018]bratprincess – Athena and Chloe – Nerd Kisses Classmates Shoes and Worships Feet as Punishment [ Female Domination, Shoe Kissing, Shoe Worship] Full HD

1080 HD Chloe’s mad at danni because she told him to carry Athena’s books to class and he didn’t do it. He says it’s embarrassing to be seen always doing stuff for the girls but to be never treated as an equal. Chloe reminds danni that his place is below hot girls. To remind him of this, she makes him kneel before her and kiss her shoes. Danni does not want to kiss Chloe’s shoes in front of Athena. He has a crush on Athena. Chloe gets very stern and danni is made to kiss her shoes, even though he doesn’t like it.
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