Humiliation POV Goddess Carissa Montgomery: Lose Your Former Self And Reawaken As A Reprogrammed Cock Brained Sissy Faggot (Effects)

This is a really powerful sissy fag hyp n0 s!s video. So if you don’t want to be a sissy faggot, I suggest turning this off right now, as I will completely reprogram your brain, turning you into a sissy fag. I’m going to reprogram your mind so that you think and act like a sissy faggot. So if you don’t want this, press stop right now because you’re so fucked if you don’t. And once you’re under, all the words that I utter, will begin reprogramming your vulnerable brain. From now on, everything you do will be that of a sissy fag. From the way you treat yourself to the way you treat others, even your thoughts will be that of a sissy faggot. You’re going to be a brainwashed sissy faggot with no thought other than dressing up girly and being a complete fucking slut for cock. Don’t say you weren’t warned. You’ll lose your former self and reawaken as a reprogrammed sissy faggot. You’ll find yourself doing things you’ve only ever fantasized about. Isn’t that what you want? To have your walls taken down, your barriers broken? Of course it is. Cock, cock, cock faggot. I’m going to turn you into a cock brained sissy faggot.
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Humiliation POV Cuckoldress Carissa Montgomery: Your Locked Up, Useless Little Dick Only Gets Hard When Other Men Fuck Me (October 12th 2017)

Cuckoldress Carissa Montgomery

You are nothing but a little dick cuckold and I need a real man to satisfy me. Just look at my Goddess body and you know I need a huge cock. Do you think I’d ever suck off a little cuckold like you? No, I only suck big cocks. In fact, I can’t stand pathetic cuckolds like you. You don’t even deserve to watch me get fucked. And you certainly don’t deserve pleasure. So I’m going to lock you up while I get fucked and deny you the pleasure of even watching!

And I’m going to let my lover pound me tonight, I need it rough and hard. And maybe I’ll let you watch, but only so your cock will get hard in it’s cage. I hope it hurts, I want you frustrated and in pain while I get pleasured. And I’m going to wear your key around my neck so you can watch it bounce around as I get fucked, knowing I’m not going to unlock you. You’re going to get harder and harder while my pussy gets wetter and wetter. And there’s nothing you can do about it because you’re a weak loser cuckold.

So not only am I going to get pleasure from the huge cock that’s destroying my pussy, but I’m going to enjoy watching you suffer! And I want you to look at his huge cock and then look at yours and KNOW that you will never be anything but a cuckold. You belong in the corner locked up in chastity while I get man handled by a real man.

I’m going to get my pussy, ass and mouth fucked while you sit there whimpering like the little dick cuckold that you are. I know how badly you’re going to want to jerk off but you won’t be able to with that chastity device on. You will Never get a woman like me. Your pathetic little cock would never satisfy me. And it probably couldn’t even get hard to fuck me. Your little penis only gets hard when you watch other men fuck me. That’s how pathetic you are! Your cock is useless just like you. A pathetic, useless cuckold.

I’m going to look right into your eyes and laugh as I’m getting fucked on all fours. And you’re going to have to listen to my moans and the sound of your key banging against my tits as I get pounded. If you’re lucky maybe I’ll let you lick my heels as I get fucked. And even though I want my man to cum in my pussy because I’m a dirty fucking slut, I don’t want you near my pussy. So I’m going to have him cum inside my heel and I’m going to make you drink every drop.
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Humiliation POV Carissa Montgomery: You’re Going To Eat Your Cum To A Video, How Fucking Stupid

Carissa Montgomery

You’re such a cum eating loser, a pathetic cum guzzling slut. I’ll bet you love throwing your legs over your head and spooging in your mouth. That probably turns you on so much. You must love the taste of your cum. And since you can’t get a girl, it’s how you spend your lonely nights entertaining yourself. If you did have a girlfriend you’d probably have her make you eat it anyway. You’re just a stupid humiliation junkie. How sad!

You’ve probably gotten to the point that you can’t cum unless you think about eating it the whole time you’re jerking. It’s an addiction. You sit at home, jerking off to mean hot brats who don’t give a fuck about you, and then you eat your cum for them. But not even for them really, you do it to a video. They’re not even really talking to you. You’re such a fucking loser, a loser that eats his own cum. I’ll bet you love cumming in your hand and slurping it all up. You’re so fucking eager to eat your cum.

You know only faggots eat their own cum, right? Is that what you are? A cum eating loser begging to eat his own cum. How fucking pathetic! How gross! I’m sure you’re so horny by now listening to me, so go on jerk that cock, you know what’s coming.

Stroke it loser. I want you to build up a big load. I’m going to have you cum in a wine glass and drink it out. This way I know you won’t miss a drop, you little cum guzzling loser. Cum for me, fill up that glass with your fucking nasty load. Ewwww fucking gross! Now drink it down you loser. I know you want to, this is the part you’ve been waiting for…
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EVERYTHING BUTT: Jun 28, 2016 – Arabelle Raphael , Daisy Ducati and Carissa Montgomery/no one will ever love you if you don’t gape

EVERYTHING BUTT: Jun 28, 2016 - Arabelle Raphael , Daisy Ducati  and Carissa Montgomery/no one will ever love you if you don't gape

Arabelle endures an anal competition with two girls who find her sorry ass in a phone booth trying to make herself gape. Carissa and Arabelle have a gape competition and then they are both fucked hard with strap ons; each taking turns doing ass to mouth while the other gets fucked in the butt. Finally, Arabelle must try to take a fist in the ass but theres a catch. She must take a fist in her ass before Daisy can get her own fist into her own ass. The fisting competition commences. The loser, or the girl who can not take the fist, is chained to the phone booth until she can properly take a fist in the ass.
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Humiliation POV Carissa Montgomery: Degrading Ass To Mouth Game

Carissa Montgomery

So I know that you get off sucking on a dildo. And you also like to put it in your ass, dont you faggot? Today were going to combine your two favorite activities with a dildo, youre going to go from your ass to your mouth to your ass to your mouth.. Because youre a dirty fucking slut like that, arent you? And I love watching you humiliate yourself like that, so were going to play a little ass to mouth game.

So heres how its going to work, you will respond to the snap of my fingers. When I snap them once, youll move it from your ass to your mouth, and when I snap them again, your dildo will go from your mouth to your ass, back and forth each time I snap my fingers. Do you think you can understand that loser? Or is your mind already on the cock? LOL!

So put that dildo in your fucking mouth and suck it. Watch me as I demonstrate how I want you to do it. Look at you slobbering all over it, you have such a hungry mouth for cock. SNAP! Now put it in your ass, you dirty faggot. Fuck your ass loser. This is about to get so disgusting for you. SNAP! Pull it out and put it in your fucking mouth and suck it. I want you to suck all of your dirty ass juice off of it. Back and forth were going to go, ass to mouth to ass to mouth with each snap of my fingers.

I want you acting like a fucking ass to mouth porn star! LOL! If you can, you should do this in front of a mirror so you can see how disgusting and degraded you are. But Ill bet you love this, dont you? Ill bet your cock is so hard. You’re going to cum so hard playing my little game.
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