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bratprincess – Kali – 18 Year Old Emotionally Abuses a Friend while he Worships Her Feet [18 year old, Emotional Sadism, Brat] HD download for free

12th July 2018

Foot Worship

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This poor guy thinks that his cute friend is being really nice letting him spend time with her, but she is actually really mean. After a long shopping session at the mall, where Kali hits Danni’s credit card real hard, Danni finds himself back in Kali’s bedroom. Kali is a totally emotionally manipulative brat. She fucks this poor ‘s inferior mind as he adoringly worships her 18 year old feet. Any remaining resistance to Her will, she turns back on Danni in a series of manipulative questions. Although Danni is hurt that he can never be Kali’s boyfriend, he gradually accepts that he is powerless to her every material wish and abusive desire.
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Mandy Flores: Pussy Whooped Slave

Get on your knees and beg to see my pussy. Has a girl in your real life ever talk to you like this? I bet they dont even talk to you at all. You have never seen a pussy that wasnt on a computer screen. If you werent thousands of miles away I wouldnt even give you the privilege of being this close to my pussy, ever! Losers like you are so pussy wooped and cant stop jerking your cock to superior unreachable Goddesses like me. So keep spending your money so you can get your thrills but once youve seen mine I guarantee youll be back for more.
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Ball Busting Chicks: Isabella: Pantyhose Girl abuse her naked male slave!

And that is real cruel and merciless. She ties him up with a weight hanging on the genitals for a severe corporal punishment like whipping and kicking. Then she let him hang for about an hour to get her beauty sleep. Coming back she kicks him brutal between his legs. One lethal kick in his nuts made him impotent, by the way. Then he got more ball squeezing and corporal whipping.
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meanworld – Stephanie West – MP4/Full HD

Jack’s wife died and left everything to his stepdaughter. Now she sits around all day buying things on the Internet and then throwing them away. He asks to borrow $20 and she tells him that he will have to become her slave! HOT FACESITTING, ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, AND MORE!!
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Lady Nina Leighs Royal Domination: REAL BIKINI BLACKMAIL

WARNING this clip WILL make u hand over every detail it demands. my wet look bikini is going to play a huge role in seducing those digits out of you. you want to play with fire then u are in the right place.im going to tease all that information out of you in order to do with it as i please. watch my hot body and sexy tiny wet look bikini, and listen to my sexy british voice, and embrace your obedient nature by fully submitting in this SUPER HOT clip. DO not buy unless you are serious about blackmail LOSER. you have been warned.
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Humiliation Princess Rene’s Clips: A Challenge For You And Me

I have a fun challenge for both us today. You’re challenge is to NOT stroke and NOT cum. MY challenge is to get you to stroke and cum. Today is a little challenge for the both of us. I know you always buy my clips in order to jerk off and cum to my hot, gorgeous body. You think you can last? Ha. We’ll see.

[Includes JOI, sensual domination, cock tease, masturbation instruction, jerk off encouragement, goddess worship, ass worship, humiliation, femdom pov. Shot in HD.]
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EroticGoddessChristina: Red White & Blue Balls

I love this time of year. Grilling out with friends, having drinks, watching the fireworks, and ending the night with an amazing mind blowing fuck session. Thats the best kind of fireworks. The kind that leave me wet and ready for round 2. Of course I was generous enough to think of you as well – but I can promise you one thing – you wont be ending the night with fireworks. Youll only be left hard, horny and blue balled. Just how I want you. I want you to get all worked up as you stroke your cock really good for me. Stroke it like Im actually going to allow you to cum – which Im not by the way. But even knowing that youre still going to want to. Im going to make it to where you cant resist touching your dick. Youll see…

Fetishes: Orgasm Denial, Tease & Denial, JOI, Jerk Off Instruction, Masturbation Encouragement, CBT, Orgasm Control, Cock Tease, Brat Girls, Bratty Goddess, Body Worship, Ass Worship, Tit Worship, Redheads, Redhead Goddess, Bikini, Bikini Fetish, High Heels

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Jasmine Mendez LatinAss Locas: Ball Bust Interview with local pig!

Pig #2 is a Local pig in Oregon and begged for an interview! I busted him so hard my Pig #1 was crying lol and of course I ended ball busting both of them while I was at it. My Goal was to bust one open id say i came pretty close. My Hits are Hard and I am merciless when it comes to ball busting. Ive learned most pigs are weak and can’t take much pain so all interviews are done with pig tied up. This way if pig ever backs out he can’t go anywhere until I’m done with him! FOR WMV CLICK Ball Bust Interview with local pig!
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