17th July 2018

Spanking & Whipping

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This whore thought it was going to spend its evening on its knees lapping at my boot soles and sucking the dirt from my heels. Well, I may have said something to that effect, but I felt like whipping its ass and back instead. I love changing my mind anyway because it fucks with theirs to no end. I’m sure it thought it would be using that boot mop I keep in its mouth when I was done. Nope. I just decided to let it hand there until I was ready to whip it some more!
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obeynikita – mistress nikita – Bootsniffer On A Hook [BOOT FETISH, FEMDOM, HIGH HEELS] HD

My little bootsniffer will wait for hours and endure just about anything to get that shoe buff rag of a tongue near my thigh high super tight Louboutin black leather platform boots. Wouldn’t you? Thought so. It has to be worth my while, of course, so I must garner some entertainment out of its struggles before I allow it to worship. This time an anal hook on a heavy chain was shoved in its hole, which kept it in place and gave me a string to totally control my boot puppet with. Listen to it beg for my cane just to lick my boots. So funny! I was feeling very generous so I unlocked "my" cock and allowed it to spurt its shoe shine all over my boots. It buffed them to a nice soft shimmer immediately after, as is always required.
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[FEMDOM 2018]Mistress Nikita/Obeynikita – Taken Out Fucked Put Away [DILDO SUCKING, LEATHER, BOOT FETISH] Full HD

My human whore bois are no different than any other sex toy. They’re kept stowed away until I want to play. When I’m finished, they get put back in their proper place – usually my cage since I can’t cram them into a drawer. This slut is learning to be a good fuck, but still a long way to go. I think the problem is it still clings to the illusion that it’s something more than just two holes to stick my rubber cock into. It can take a while to completely break them, but it’s worth it in the end. Maybe another few months of getting fucked twice a day will finally put this pig in its proper place.
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obeynikita – Mistress Nikita – MP4/HD – My Bitch Boots

I adore these hand-made Dominatrix boots from Spain. There’s so much black leather to worship, you boot bitches better start working out those tongues. I like them licked from the red bottoms all the way up to the thigh high tops. I might even allow your nose to brush against my nylons when you’re licking up there, but you better be able to deep throat those 12 inch heels to earn that privilege. 720 HD
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clubdom – Goddess Cleo – MP4/Full HD – December 28nd 2017 – A Good Boot Bitch

Goddess Cleo knows what her boot slut wants, and opens his cage to tease him with he boots. She sits on his cage and commands him to lick the dirty bottoms of her boots. Cleo’s boot slut sucks like a good little boot whore. He uses his tongue to clean her boots at his Goddess’s will. Goddess Cleo wants him to suck her heel like he sucks cock, and uses her heel to. Cleo commands her slave to stroke his cock and spill his filth over her boots. After he creates a mess on her boots, Goddess Cleo makes him eat his own cum to make her boots clean again.
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