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[FEMDOM 2018]clubdom – Goddess Tangent – Big Black Strap On [Humiliation ,latex ,pegging] HD download for free

27th July 2018


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Goddess Tangent has her slave at her feet, once again. Goddess Tangent has her BBC and she will definitely put it to great use. She threatens to impale this slave, and she does just as she said. She verbally thrashes him, spits in his pathetic face, and slaps him around. After spitting in his face multiple times, she does admit that him being a pain whore, definitely excites her more than she anticipated. She wants to make use of all of his holes. She face fucks this bitch, pushing his head down on her BBC, forcing it down his throat until he gags and chokes. Bent over, she has a much better idea of what she can do to his hole. She spits in his asshole, and inserts her BBC and pounds away. Restrained to the cage, there is nowhere this pathetic fuck can go, he just takes it like a good little bitch…just how Goddess Tangent likes it! She fucks the shit out of him, from just about every angle. Goddess Tangent goes so far up his ass, her BBC almost comes out his mouth.
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clubdom – Goddess Brianna – MP4/Full HD – Fucked Hard (December 15th 2017)

Goddess Brianna is going to give her bitch the fucking of his life. She loves the way he looks bent over with his whip lashes form the whipping he took earlier. Now he must be completely fucked good and hard like he deserves. Brianna makes sure his pussy is nice and lubed and stretched. She then shoves her cock into his mouth for lubing up and some extra humiliation. After she is satisfied, she bends him over for a good, hard, pounding. The slut can barely handle it but he obeys his Goddess, feeling even more submissive with each thrust of her cock.
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subbyhubby – Shay Evans – MP4/Full HD – December 12th 2017: Trains Her Man Part 6: Pegged

Shay Evans wants her husband to know his place and the only wait to make cuck Ryan know his place completely is to show him the only sex he will ever have for the rest of his life….and that is with his Goddess wife’s big black cock of course. He must suck her cock like a good hungry whore and make sure it’s properly lubed with his spit because that’s the only lube he is ever going to get. Shay fucks his pathetic cuckold pussy into next year.
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clubdom – Michelle Lacy – MP4/Full HD – December 10th 2017: Primal Cock

Description: Michelle Lacy has a huge red pony cock and she is not afraid to ram it into some tight manginas and stretch them wide open for her. Mistress Michelle only wants the sluts who have the widest holes to handle the large cocks she wants to furiously fuck them with. Mistress Michelle knows that a cock like this one is sure to split some holes open and she wants exactly that to happen to her sluts. That is the only way to train them. You need to be a good slut for her, and if you aren’t, she is going to make you one whether you like it or not. She will be coming for you with her big cock, holding you down and sliding it right down your tight slut holes.
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