Mz Devious Fetish Clips: Diaper Humping Loser

I can’t believe what I am looking at. A grown man with hairy balls and ass in a pair of cute widdle diapers. By the way, you smell like 5h!t, so I’m going to keep a safe distance from you, my little pooh nugget. Seriously, loser? You don’t need a dommy — you need a m0mmy or professional help. But I’m neither of those. I know how proud you are of your nappies — why don’t you show me how you hump those soggy pampers. C’mon diaper dork, here’s your time to shine! Grown ass man prefers precious diapeys over big-boy underpants.
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British Bratz: Exploring Your Nappy Fetish With Your Girlfriends Best Friend Hd 1

My girlfriend is away on holiday for two weeks, and her best friend came around in the morning on the first Saturday she was away to pick something up. The best friend has her own key, she let herself in, and found me in the front room, wearing nothing but a nappy and sucking a dummy. She took a picture on her phone, and ordered me to go upstairs to bed for the whole day until she came back in the evening. She ordered me not to take the nappy off in the day and to ensure it was full before she came back. She has come back in the evening, called me downstairs to the front room and to crawl into here. That is where we are when the clip starts…..

I crawl into the front room with my very wet nappy and dummy to see goddess Vicky standing up, holding an unused nappy in her hand. She looks very dominating and is prepared for humiliationVicky talks about how she hasn’t shown the photo to anybody yet and was very surprised to find me waddling around in PampersVicky can only presume I have a nappy fetish, and because she knows I’ve always had a crush on her it will be all the more humiliating for meVicky teases me with the nappy.

I will be on the changing mat with Vicky, and she will have photos on her phone of me being changed by her. It will be up to you how you end the clip in some way, such as putting me to bed, threatening to tell my girlfriend if I don’t do something for Vicky, whatever you would like. It can close any way you see fit and that will be the end.
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