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Brat Princess 2: Alexis and Jade – Forced Ball Busting (Internet Con Job) (Part 2) (1080 HD)

Jade is now stroking his cock, while Alexis pulls his balls down. Jade covers his mouth while she strokes his cock. Then Jade begins to squeeze and twist his balls. After a few minutes it is time for more kicks. Jade kicks hard! “Hold still! You are in a perfect position for me to kick your balls. Now hold still while I kick them!” Jade then stars giving the slave a reach around hand job from behind while Alexis kicks his ball bag from the front. The slave is overwhelmed by this plain and pleasure combination. “Jerk it. And then kick it!” The girls alternate with fast stroking and then kicking. The slave is then put on the ground. Jade sits on his chest and spreads his legs apart for Alexis. That’s fucking teamwork! The slave’s balls are completely exposed. Alexis kicks as hard as she can with her shoes ON. This clip and Part 1 are amazing.
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Brat Princess 2: Alexis and Jade – Forced Ball Busting (Internet Con Job) (Part 1) (1080 HD)

The ball kicking slave finally gave out. During warmups for a video the slave went down and did not get back up. LMFAO. SO the girls still wanted to kick some balls. They placed an ad in Greg’s List for a free hand job. A dumb male answered the ad and came over for his free hand job. The girls convince him it will be better if he is handcuffed. Once the cuffs are on they explain his balls are going to be kicked. The dumb male is surprised and scared. He begs for them not to. The girls then start kicking and punching his balls. This video contains direct toe punt type kicks the balls. The girls want to see how many kicks the dumb male can take and still stay hard. They are going to get rid of his erection through toe punts and punches. In-between the kicks the girls stroke his cock and get him hard again. Alexis holds his erection up and out of the way so Jade can kick the balls even harder. The dumb male grunts from each kick. Part 1 ends with the girls stroking his cock. (7:45 long)
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