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Reality Girls Scissors – Loren Blaine – No Mercy Blonde: Knockout!

The sound of the leather boots crushing together and the sight of Thin Man’s face contorting in the immense headscissor pressure of Loren, whose headscissors are elite — is frightening. Even the most pain-tolerant guys scream and tap like maniacs in her legs. Sometimes, she honors their wishes. It’s headscissor herecy to compare any girl to Dixie, Cindy Huntress or Electra — but Loren gets similar reactions now with her headscissors — guys screaming with her telling them she’s not even really squeezing yet. Among the four superstars we only missed working with Cindy Huntress, who is in any conversation of the greatest ever submission wrestlers. The red carpet is always rolled out for Cindy to do her worst here without wretchedly acted scripts or feigned knockouts — just as she did with our friends to the North — with whom she famously destroyed people and for who now, we are proud to say, our own superstar Mikaela is kicking ass. Here, screams of pain from Thin Man come in the wavy blonde beauty’s headscissors — figure fours — Ivey’s Figure 8 then a reverse headscissors facing Loren’s amazing ass that seems ready to pop Thin Man’s head off as her jeggings wrinkle from the pressure on his life. She tells him "I’ve lost count of the tapouts, but it’s a lot, you’re a puss" — standing headscissors. She pushes him against the wall and decides the boots have to go. She makes Thin Man take off her boots, open his mouth and "insert." Now that Loren has taken to foot gagging no one is safe. She does nothing not intended to cause maximum pain and humiliation and the cruel act is no different. Deep in his mouth her bare feet go, stretching his lips to their limits and filling his throat. Another reverse headscissors and Loren asks him mockingly if his neck is hurting before burying him in her straight headscissors, his helpless eyes filling with pain. Thin Man hyperventalates and screams as she locks out her headscissors. When she finally gets to her feared rear naked choke it’s lights out for Thin Man, as Loren actually does a hamstring stretch while he convulses in her arms. He’s done, but she still makes the cameraman film just one more time for a quick bodyscissors because she doesn’t want his broken rib to heal. Loren loves hurting people as much as anything in her life and is as good at it as just about any girl, anywhere.
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Reality Girls Scissors: Introducing Gianna! Clear HD

21-year-old Gianna wrestles for the first time anywhere on camera and overpowers pain cushion Chad with headscissors that reveal developed quads reminding us most of young badass Andi. The beautiful new girl snaps on straight headscissors after straight headscissors, pouring the pressure on for long periods then popping her legs out to hurt his neck worse. A figure four as the college hottie in the glasses starts enjoying her power. Her rear naked choke is instantly brutal and has him gagging and hacking as she releases a little then pulls back until he is taking panicked, desperate breaths. He taps! She’s officially a badass as this guy will scream and gnash his teeth and sometimes get knocked out rather than tap. The tall girl puts him at her big feet and clinches her ripped quads around his skull in a standing headscissors. She punishes him in a long crucifix he admits he can’t escape. “Try,” she says and smiles her youthful smile. Pulling back on his neck and spine he screams and taps. The powerful girl applies a full nelson and almost tears his triceps apart as she stretches him coupling the hold with a bodyscissors. She finishes her introduction rocking his neck in a standing headscissors as she looks down at her first prey in her strong legs.
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