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[BDSM 2018]HOGTIED – Kristen Scott – July 5, 2018 – Girl Next Door in Brutal Predicament Bondage with Screaming Orgasms [ball gag, bdsm, bondage] HD download for free

We are always looking for new girls to put in bondage and torment. Kristen started by flirting with The Pope on social media. It seemed harmless enough at first, but she didn’t realize that she was playing with fire. We all know what he’s capable of and it seems little Kristen wants in on that action. Kristen begins in a grueling predicament bondage position on her knees with her neck pulled to the floor and her chest pulled to the ceiling.
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futilestruggles – MP4/HD – The Girl Punished for Disobeying – Part 2

This clip starts where Part 1 ended. The girl stands, with drool running down her chin and onto her tits, waiting with her wrists tied around the post for what’s coming next. It’s not long and she knows that it is tight tit bondage. Once bound I spend some time slapping them as The girl yelps through her ballgag. Next a tight crotchrope is added and then attached to a block and tackle and pulled up and forward. I remove her ballgag and stuff an old rag in her mouth before many wraps of black tape are applied over the lower half of her face. Next, her nipples are clamped before her elbows are bound and cinched around the post. Her crotchrope is not tight enough for my liking so I tighten it until her hips are thrust forward and she is standing on her tippy toes. I leave her like this and in agony for quite some time. Before I leave her for the evening, I manhandle her and slap her inner thighs… I have a few more clamps and I don’t like to be wasteful, so I apply them to her bound bulging tits. Soon after the lights go out. I think she’ll be happy to strip when told to do so next time. I also added a little behind the scenes footage at the end.
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futilestruggles – Amanda Foxx – MP4/HD – Miss Glitter Pants in a Legs Spread Hogtie – Part 2

Description: This clip starts where Part 1 ended… Amanda is crotchroped and given a chest harness before I place her on her stomach on a wooden cart. Her legs are spread and tied to a spreader bar. A rope is tied into her hair, before she is tightly cleave gagged. I then tie the cart off to keep it in place. Her chest harness is tied to the post behind her and the spreader bar is tied to the post in front of her. Her elbows are tied and then her hair is tied back. This is where part 2 ends.
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