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futilestruggles – Amanda Foxx – MP4/HD – Miss Glitter Pants in a Legs Spread Hogtie – Part 1

I asked the party girl Amanda if she wanted to come back to my place to do a little partying. I guess her idea of partying is different than mine. I bring her in with her wrists and thighs bound and a bag on her head. I unbutton her blouse and start slapping and groping her ample tits. I tie her neck off above, before clamping her nipples with clovers. I hang heavy nuts off springs, so any movement and the nuts start bouncing. I put spring clamps on each side of her nipples as well. I turn out the lights and leave her. After a while, I return. I grab her and start smacking her ass. The nuts start bouncing and pull on her nipples hard. I remove the clover clamps and the bag on her head. This is where Part 1 ends.
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