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Kinky English Lady Miss Hybrid: Over the Desk

Seeing as you have been a very good boy, I thought I would put on these stiletto heels and stockings, bend over the desk and see if you managed to get it in before you came. Or will it be like last time, when you spunked on my butt plug and then had to call your friends to fuck me? Watch in super quality 4K
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Kinky English Lady Miss Hybrid: Dildo Ripped Pantyhose

See how wet I made myself, thinking about you watching me spread my legs and fuck myself with the dildo. I imagined it was your hard cock banging into me and shooting a hot load, for me to take home to my husband.
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Kinky English Lady Miss Hybrid: Vintage Nylons Steel Butt Plug

Sometimes it’s great to get stuck in to the task at hand. I leisurely pleasured myself with a large black dildo cock and stainless steel butt plug. I bent over and shoved the butt plug straight up, obviously I take it up the arse very regularly! See for yourself how easily the plug slipped in.
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Misshybrid: Cum On Leather

My new stable boy, had to be shown what is expected of him. I think he is going to fit in well, given the opportunity. He was certainly very polite and keen to get it out.
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Misshybrid: Restrained Ruined Orgasm

I do love to spend quality time with the staff. Even better if he is cuffed, naked, with his cock in my cleavage. I am not sure he was too happy with the ending though.

Format: MP4
Duration: 10 Min
Size: 3840×2160
Resolution: 1280×720

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Kinky English Lady Miss Hybrid: Nylon Foot Wank

I invited my new groom into my dungeon, so that we could get acquainted. He had not worked under a female before and he was very nervous. I managed to put him at ease, with a flash of my pussy and my spiked stiletto heel dug into his balls. He made a good old mess on my nylons clad feet, before he was sent back to work.
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Kinky English Lady Miss Hybrid: Coming All Over My Piano

I have many new, interesting phallic shaped attachments for my new Sybian. Not all of them are insertable and I was keen to try a clitoral orgasm. You can see the damp patch forming in my pantyhose as I ride it. Then I rip the nylon so I can try and get the non insertable right up both holes. I wonder if a Sybian has ever been ridden on a Bechstein Grand piano before, it added to the vibrations and sound.

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