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Brat Princess 2: Taylor – Spoiled Princess Smothers her Sugar Dummy (1080 HD)

Brat Princess 2: Taylor - Spoiled Princess Smothers her Sugar Dummy (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Taylor sits on her sugar dummys face. He is locked in chastity and tied to her bed. Taylor wears seafoam green disco shorts over her perky butt. She tells the sugar dummy she needs to be spoiled. Taylor wants to go to the mall again later. Taylor starts listing off all the things she wants while the sugar dummy struggles to breathe. Its a long list. Taylor teases the sugar dummy by dangling the key to its chastity right over the lock. She tells the sugar dummy that hes not getting out until he spoils her enough. Taylor giggles. Taylor texts her friend to see if she wants to come be spoiled, too. The sugar dummys chastity bobs as Taylor bounces on its face. After a while Taylor gets engrossed in her phone and ignores the sugar dummy. The sugar dummy is smothered in Taylors ass. When Taylor remembers hes there, she decides to tease the sugar dummy some more. Taylor grinds on the sugar dummys face and moans. See this? She says as she dangles the key to the chastity in front of the dummys face. The sugar dummy says yes. Ok lets go shopping.
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Brat Princess 2: Amadahy and Naomi – I Can Kick you as Hard as I Want (1080 HD)

So I really get to kick him as hard as I want? Nineteen year old Naomi asks. Amadahy emphatically assures her, Yes! This is Naomis very first time busting balls. She loves it! Kick him harder! Amadahy encourages. Naomi gets in a flurry of very solid kicks. OMG this is awesome! Your first time and youre ripping it up! Amadahy says. Thanks girl! Naomi replies. Amadahy takes a turn at the slave. She kicks the slave as hard as she can. Naomi follows. I love this! Naomi says while kicking the slave. I want to go, I want to kick him until hes down. Amadahy says. Ok, replies Naomi, but then we get to stand him back up and go again, right?
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Brat Princess 2: Taylor – Spoiled Princess Laughs at her Cow (1080 HD)

Princess Taylor has come to the Brat Princess warehouse to check on her cows production. The cows been hard at work producing as much as it can for its Princess. And it better! Otherwise Taylor will get rid of it. This is Taylors last cow. Shes already gotten rid of the other. Now the remaining cow must work twice as hard. Taylor thinks the cows plight is hilarious! Taylor bounces and grinds on her cows face. She giggles a lot and is having a great time watching it suffer. It works so hard while her life is full of nothing but enjoyment. Are you going to produce? She asks it. You better, because I NEED to be spoiled. This clip includes a Brat Princess bonus feature.
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Brat Princess 2: Amadahy and Naomi – Facesitting Heaven (1080 HD)

Amadahy teaches new Brat Princess, Naomi, how to facesit the house slaves. She gifts Naomi a slave of Her very own to practice with. The slave must do as its told and lay on the Facesitting board. Nineteen year old Princess Naomi is now his keyholder. Amadahy demonstrates how to smother a slave with Her beautiful ass. Naomi loves watching the loser struggle for air beneath Amadahy. She can hardly wait to give Facesitting a try for Herself. Naomi places her big, perfect butt right over the slaves air hole. It tries to cry out, but the sound is muffled by Naomis gorgeous ass. Amadahy is turned on by the slaves cries. She wants to make the slave cry into her ass, too. Amadahy sits on the slaves face, demonstrating the second facesitting position as the slave continues to make muffled sounds. Naomi practices grinding on the slaves face for Her pleasure. She is having so much fun! Naomi loves facesitting, but she is eager to move onto the next lesson. She cant wait to scissor Her new slave next!
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