SEXUAL DISGRACE: Nov 26, 2015 – Lily Ligotage

SEXUAL DISGRACE: Nov 26, 2015 - Lily Ligotage

In the world of the sex slave, there?s a constant desire for that slave to prove him/herself worthy. Not all of them can achieve that, and this can be the fault of either party, but with the right master and the right training, an acceptable level of submission can be reached? and that?s when the real fun begins! Lily wants to become the perfect slave, and she definitely has the right master, but will she reach her goal? Lily comes correct with a metal hook in her ass while also bound tightly with a rope harness that controls her entire body like a fuck puppet. First, she is brutally fingered with the master?s latex-gloved hand. She is also spanked on her shapely ass. Next, the harness is used like the reins on a horse to control her and pull her body against a timber post where a huge black dildo has been nailed and mercilessly slams into her holes. Clothespins pinch her nipples as she is pounded by the master?s cock doggie style while standing up. She is then whipped all over with a leather cat o? nine tails until she?s properly marked. Spread eagle and tied into position, Lily?s pussy is deeply penetrated with toys, dildos and vibrators. Lily finishes her master like a good sex slave by sucking on his sweaty balls while he jerks off into her open mouth. Spurts of hot cum flow into Lily?s mouth and coat her tongue. Will this make Lily the perfect slave?

SEXUAL DISGRACE: Nov 26, 2015 - Lily Ligotage


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