ScatShop: Anna Coprofield – Shit Save Mission (COMPLETED)

[Custom vid]DIVIDED INTO 2 PARTS,prepare the memory device)
PS I’m so smeared by shit,that’s why my camera did not recognize me and lost zoom sometimes,but I hope it will not prevent you enjoy it;)
“Script Tell me everything you want in the video right here…:
So you can start by playing with yourself normally like you do in the beginning in all your vids. And when you’re ready take one of the shits you saved and smear it on and around your pussy and your inner thighs and play with yourself a bit like that. Then get another shit and start to smear it all over your body and taste some and suck some off your fingers. Play with yourself like that a bit more and then get the 3rd shit and use it to stuff your pussy much as you can and shit out of your pussy a couple times. Whatever you cant fit in your pussy and whatever is left over put in your mouth and mush it around so your mouth is full of shit AND your pussy is full of shit. Then just when you think you couldn’t have any more shit in and on you. Spread your ass and finger it until you cant hold your shit in anymore. Then bend over and push all the fresh shit out of your ass and the shit that was in your pussy at the same time. Then you can sit back down and stuff all the shit back into your pussy again and smear some more of the fresh shit on yourself even more so youre completely covered with shit and you have it stuffed in your mouth and pussy. Play with yourself and finger your shit filled pussy for a bit like that then take some and cover a dildo in shit and fuck your pussy with it while its still filled with shit so its oozing out cuz it cant fit anymore. Then try to deepthroat the shitty dildo clean while your mouth is full of shit so theres shit oozing out of your mouth too. Get kinda close to the camera so i can see you drooling shit. Then just play with yourself and enjoy yourself and when youre ready to cum at the end, whatever shit is left stuff in your pussy and smear on your pussy and all over yourself and play with yourself like that till u cum;)”

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