Mistress Nikita/Obeynikita: Punished Floor Licker – MP4

It had the whole day to complete one simple task — lick the floor clean so my new heels don’t have to touch a dirty surface. I guess it was unfair to show the little slut my shoes first. How could it concentrate on anything but these absolutely stunning glossy black patent leather strappy six inch super high arched high heel silver bottom sandals with extra long metal spike details and twin thin ankle straps? They simply feel divine to wear with FF seamed nylon stockings, and are more than enough to turn any true shoe slave into a pile of simpering mush. So instead of getting to fuck my new heels, it gets to lick my spit off the floor and feel my leather crop make its ass red. I let it lick them in the end, but only if it licked until all those sharp spikes made its tongue bleed!


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