MeanWorld / SlaveOrders: Courtney Taylor POV Slave Orders 4

Courtney uses her shrinking control to turn you into a tiny little man. She’s six feet tall already so after she transforms you, you barely exist to her. There’s no way for you to escape – she’s a giant! She tells you that she can do anything she wants you you and there’s nothing you can do about it. She takes off her GIANT FRAGRANT SHOES so you can see the feet that will soon be trampling you out of existence. She orders you to come her and lick her feet. She laughs at you and your tiny tongue as you obey her orders. She reminds you that you are nothing and that you have no choice but to obey. Then she turns around so she can squash you with her GIANT NAKED ASS AND PUSSY. You see close up that her ASS WILL SWALLOW YOU! She makes you stare up and her big huge tits while she mocks you for being so small. She loves when you beg her not to crush you. You are so weak! Then she counts down from 10 as you jerk your tiny cock for her. COURTNEY TAYLOR IS HOT!!