Humiliation POV Princess London Lix: Sissies Need A Daddy (June 11th 2017)

Princess London Lix

Hi sissy, let me take a guess as to what your sex life is like, as you stroke that little clitty for me. I know that you like to lap up these sissy encouragement clips reminding you that you’re not a real man, you’re a sissy whore. You’re a faggot, you’re a fucktoy. I’m sure you’ve already been toying with a little bit of crossdressing and slutty makeup that really makes you feel like the sissy whore that you are. I know that you imagine yourself in a tight dress like the one I’m wearing as you stroke. You ache to be feminized, you ache to be completely emasculated, don’t you?

I’m sure you’ve already begun playing with your sissy holes. I’m sure you have a nice dildo collection, a collection of fake cocks that you like to suck on and stuff up your slutty little asshole. I know exactly what you little sissies get up to. But I also know what sissies really need. What you really need in life, is a daddy.

I want you to stroke as you think about that. I want you to stroke to the alpha male stud of your dreams. A strong man who can take care of his little sissy with a nice big cock to keep you in line. You ache for it, don’t you? I know as you stroke that little clitty that this is your number one fantasy. You want to be completely violated by the man who controls you. You just want to be taken care of, you just want to be used and abused like a little sissy fuck doll, don’t you? I know all of your sissy fantasies. You want to be a bimbo. You want to be the sluttiest, naughties little sissy for your daddy, don’t you?

So as your jerking your inferior, not at all masculine dick, I want you to start thinking about the daddy of your dreams. And I want you to start enacting a plan for going about getting one. Perhaps tonight after you’ve edged yourself into a mindless oblivion you can post some naughty little advertisements. ‘Sissy Seeks Alpha Male For Cock Sucking.’ ‘Sissy’s Little Man Pussy Needs Filling Up By A Daddy.’ You need your little sissy holes taken advantage of by an alpha male and you want him to be your daddy. You want to call him daddy. You want him to take care of everything while you suck and fuck him like the airheaded bimbo that you are. You want him to pump you full of cum. It’s what you need.

Think about your daddy spurting into your mouth as you rub that clitty, feeding his sissy all of that cum. Think about getting dressed up for daddy and being on your hands and knees looking up at daddy’s big superior cock and just opening your sissy mouth wide for it. You wanna be feminized, you want to be emasculated, you wanna call him daddy and suck on his cock and make him feel good. And your daddy will make you feel like the sissy that you are. You won’t even need me any more once you have yourself a real daddy. You’ll just be grateful for how I’ve prepared you and trained you. You’ll be so grateful for all of my sissy training videos that made you realize that your little nub is completely inferior. That made you realize what a sissy you truly are, that made you realize that you’ll never please a woman because you pretty much are one yourself. You wanna be feminized, You Need A Daddy! A daddy who will turn you into the little cumbucket you so long to be. No more rubbing your clitty to dicks on the screen. You’ll be rubbing your clitty as you suck your daddy’s cock. You Need A Daddy!