Humiliation POV Princess Candy Glitter: Sugar Baby Fucks You Over

Princess Candy Glitter

I know that you’ve fantasized about having a sugar baby, haven’t you? Some hot young girl, half your age, to parade around and fuck, even if it’s just for your money. It would be so fun to pay her to flirt with you and call you Daddy and do whatever you ask. But, unfortunately for you, you are too much of a loser to have a sugar baby. You’re too much of a loser to get anything in return. The best you could hope for is for some hot young girl to come by and take your cash and then just leave you there, like the idiot you are. You’d be lucky to even see her for those two minutes when she shows up just to take you to the atm and walk away.

Format: MP4
Duration: 7 Min
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Resolution: 1280×720

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