futilestruggles – Ginger – MP4/HD – Ginger’s Test – Part 3

This clip starts where Part 2 ended. I sit Ginger back down in the chair. The first thing I do is go get a new gag. I order her to open her mouth as I squish the huge sponge and shove it in her mouth. I seal it in with clear tape. I remove her neckrope and then I crush her elbows together and tie them. I continue adding ropes to her upper body. Her arms are chicken winged and then rope is wrapped around her arms and body and cinched tight! I put her on the dirty concrete floor and make her struggle for our enjoyment. After a while I add a little more rope before I arch her into a very strict hogtie. I tell her that it is perfect, but then I change my mind. I soon tie her head back by the rope in her hair. Now it is perfect. She looks very happy in this tight hogtie. I add some nasty clamps to her nipples and she seems to like it even more! After a while of her being on her stomach, I ask her to see if she can roll on her side. It takes her a little bit, but she manages to do it. I am pretty impressed. Now that she is on her side, her tits took slappable, so that’s what I do. She moans through her gag as I slap her bound tits. I add another length of rope which runs through her legs. I then re-attach the nipple clamps. I leave her for the remainder of the clip until the very end. I ask her if she’s ready to be untied and a few other questions so I can hear a little gag talk before I release her. I start to untie her as the clip ends.

Format: MP4
Duration: 33 Min
Size: 734 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720

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