Mfvideobrazil: Trample Twins By Graziella Gueicha And Rafaella Gueicha

Double pleasure with sexy twins! In this domination video they humiliate the tiny Vaninha with trampling. They stand on her lap, neck, belly, thighs and breasts. It is really painful for her but Graziella and Rafaella Gueicha know no grace! They torture their victim for 24 minutes. The trampling is made with their sexy, well-manicured feets. The Brazilian twins have big breasts and round butts which they show in the video. You can also see Vaninha topless during the trampling. Graziella and Rafaella do the show on a sofa where they have enough space to humiliate Vaninha. They also stand on her beautiful, but tormented face.

Format: MP4
Duration: 24 Min
Size: 1196 Mb
Resolution: 1920×1080


American Mean Girls: TRAMPLE TORTURE

This slave is in for the mother of all trample sessions as he has six different Mean Girls all waiting to trample him- and each wanting to do more damage with her stiletto heels than the last! Princess Bella is the first to start and she may be the smallest and lightest but she makes up for it by literally jumping up and down on the slaves midsection like it was a trampoline! Not to mention she is wearing her needle-thin Louboutin stilettos while she does it! (She really hates this slave and just LOVES making slaves suffer underneath her in general anyways..)
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Trampleinbrazil: THE CARPET BABES

Latifa doesn’t clean the floor of Fernanda Ferraz’s house and pays for the imprudence becoming her ruler’s carpet.
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Trampleinbrazil: PAINFUL CARPET

Rebecca has no mercy about her stupid slave, Grazy is asking about a trample domination for her goddess and today, Rebecca decided to give her that. But Rebecca will make that very hard, she walks over the thorax and head, marching and forcing the slave to kiss her powerful feet.
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The mean girls/Americanmeangirls: Tutored in Trampling

Superior Goddess Brooke is really a great girl. Up till now she has been a lone wolf mean girl her whole life but shes fitting into the Mean Girl Manor like hand and glove. Today I found out she has never walked on a man well I mean she walks over men all the time but not like we do, we LITERALLY walk on men with our sharp pointy heels LOL. We have the perfect slave to do it on too. He has been fucking up all day and everyone here is really pissed at him so he is the perfect guinea pig to torture. Its always a lot more fun when we find a slave that really deserves it. So we get to it and take turns standing on this scrawny runt. We he is in total agony and looking like he cant take anymore we tell him exactly what we think of him and bombard him with verbal humiliation. Brooke is taking to this like fish to water I love her meanness so much Im sure we will be the greatest of BFF s.
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Mistress Nikita/Obeynikita: Spike Heel Slave – MP4

These glorious beauties could be my favorite pair of designer heels, but it’s too hard to pick just one. I love the arch on these platform peeptoe pumps and the seven straps adorned with sharp metal spikes are simply divine. They are the perfect pair to wear out someplace elegant and to dig into show slave flesh when I return home. I know it hurts when those heels press down without mercy! I wouldn’t be doing it if it didn’t hurt, slut! Anyway, all those red marks left behind by my gorgeous stilettos make me happy. And you do want to make me happy, don’t you? Good boi!
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