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mfvideobrazil – Graziella Gueicha And Rafaella Gueicha and Slave – Spitting Swallow Real Twins And Their Slave [spitting ,swallow ,twins] Full HD download for free

Quality: HD Two real domina sisters who even show their ID’s to the camera mercilessly humiliate their slave together. She brushing her dom’s hair, but she pulls it and they have to punish her. They lay her down the bed and start spitting into her mouth. Slaps her face, and also smothering her while lot of splits are in her mouth.
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[FEMDOM 2018]subbyhubby – Lexi Luna – Degrading the Boss [ Humiliation, Slapping, Spitting] Full HD

Just another typical day for Lexi Luna. Spending quality time with her boyfriend, getting fucked, until her day is ruined due to her boss texting her. She becomes increasingly frustrated until she conjures up the perfect solution. She decides to invite her boss over to have some fun with him. She forces him to his knees, completely turning the tables on him, she is not only his boss, but now his Goddess. She verbally degrades him, while slapping him repeatedly in the face, and spitting all over his pathetic face and in his mouth. He becomes her complete spittoon slave. Lots of degradation, spitting, slapping, and teasing with Lexi Luna’s beautiful breasts. The transformation to Gaping Gabriella is just beginning.
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[BDSM 2018]mfvideobrazil- Spit Domination By Alessandra Oliver – Elisa Sanches And Slave Clarinha [spitting ,slave ,humiliation] HD

Two dominatrix punishing a slave by spitting. They spitting into the slave’s opened mouth, and the slave must to swallow the whole. Dominas collecting a lots-lots of spit in their mouth, and then spit out the all on the slaves body. Alessandra and Elisa also sptting on their own beautiful big tits, and the slave must to lick it down. Then dominas has a great idea, they bring a funnel, what they put into the slaves vagina, and spitting a lot in this funnel. All the spit flows into the slaves vagina, and dominas having a lots of fun with it!
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mfvideobrazil – Bruna Minelly, Morgana And Bruna Loira – Spitting Full HD

Minelly spitting with her girlfriend on to the victims face. A disturbing spitting fetish movie. The girls are spitting in a bowl then drink it.
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Mfvideobrazil: Spitting Mummy Swallow By Karina Reis And Wanessa Camargo

Top domiatrix Karina Reis wrap her cheap slawe in plastic foil, tape down her eyes, and starts to humiliating her by a real spit-river. Karina collect a lots of spit together in her own mouth, then she flows that slowly into the slaves mouth. The slave must to swallow the whole, and enjoy the taste of every piece of spit from her mistress Karina.

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spittingbitches – Vicky Carrera – MP4/HD – Spittoon just in case

I love to spit into his slave puss so much! He’s really patient and sustained, furthermore he doesn’t complain about the torrent of snot which his face receives permanently. Additional, I feed his mouth with my very own spittle. He couldn’t have it more comfortably! He’s fixated movelessly and receives his treats directly into his gullet! Not every slave can profit from such a luxury!
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spittingbitches – MP4/HD – Spit, aim, fire! Go!

You see the silver parts of my high heel sandals? I want them to shine again, to glitter even in the dark! So they deserve a gentle treatment. My slave has to lick them clean and polish the silver fabric with his tongue. And he does best if I give him my divine spittle! I spit on my high heels and let him deal with the rest. In doing so, he smacks like a greedy tributary. That’s the way I like it… as long as they become clean by coming up to my demands!
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spittingbitches – Sara Surprisink – MP4/HD – Licking the spit off high heels

The slave has to clean my sexy high heels. I want them to be absolutely spot-less clean and shine again. And some spit will help to loosen all the dirt! I spit on the black lacquer high heels in front of my slave and then stick them into his face. He’s a good obedient slave and immediately follows my order to lick the shoes clean!
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spittingbitches – Sabrina A – MP4/HD – Top down spitting humiliation

This will absolutely confuse him! Now I’m standing in front of him, wearing my sexiest underwear and presenting these sexy high heels to my slave. His head is caught in a smotherbox and creates a perfect position for spitting top down into his face. It’s the only thing he really deserves! Then I smudge my spittle all over his face with my high heels and let him lick my tasty juice some time. So disgusting and humiliating!

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