Whilst traveling overseas on her recent visit to dominate the UK, Cybill Troy realized that it has been far too long since she has had the pleasure of flaying and shredding the flesh of a properly docile male specimen.
Miss Troy has her favourite gimp secured for the honour of receiving the agonizing bite of her whip’s sadistic kiss deep into his flesh.
Accompanied by her lovely guest, Fetish Liza, Cybill Troy delivers strike after vicious strike with vicious accuracy. With each bite of their whips hitting the same tender spot of flesh, the suffering and torment of her victim is evident.
As the whipping continues, Miss Troy steps aside so that Fetish Liza may try her hand at brutalizing the skin of their butchered target.
As they progress with their attack on their flinching, twitching, begging target, the two Mistresses take turns to skin him with an array of different whips and amuse themselves with the pain and desperation they can inspire on the increasingly defiled sacrificial offering of gimp meat hanging before them.

His very flesh will be offered to them as tribute to honour their divine control over his mind, body, and soul. Bound and helpless, he falls deeper and deeper into unquestioning submission and worship to the two impeccable leather Goddesses he is lucky enough to suffer for.
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The slave has had several challenging days back to back in the dungeon and the fact he’s already mentally and physically exhausted doesn’t deter Mistress Lady Renee from giving him a beating that will not easily slip from his mind! She starts with a short single tail, biting into his back, before quickly moving on to longer more vicious whips. By the time the bullwhip appears, he’s almost totally drained, so it’s just as well she has him suspended from the bondage frame, so she can continue with the brutal whipping…
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[FEMDOM 2018]mistresstangent – Just Getting Started [Boots, Brunettes, Corporal Punishment] HD

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clubdom – Michelle Lacy – Caned as an Example [Corporal Punishment, Female Domination, Femdom] Full HD

Mistress Michelle Lacy is not done punishing the slave for slacking off. She wants to give him a caning he will not soon forget. She grabs him by the balls and tells him while caning his balls that he is going to regret what he did so bad. "It’s time to shred you" she says in an evil voice. Michelle canes him so hard, he is terrified to ever mess up ever again. "You can’t run away from me. I completely have you afraid!"
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[FEMDOM 2018]clubdom – Vanessa Cage – Punishes the slave [Bondage ,Corporal Punishment ,Female Domination] Full HD

Vanessa Cage jumps right into beating her slave. She has a black paddle and she is swinging viciously. The slave is bent over and tied to the horse, his ass completely exposed, positioned perfectly for his sadistic Goddess. Vanessa Cage truly enjoys punishing her slaves, and this video you can see her happiness, before, during, and after every swing. She laughs in between her swings, reminding the slave what a whore he really is. Repeating his new mantra, he suffers for his Goddess. She beats this bitch without sympathy, how much can he take?
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[FEMDOM 2018]Clubdom: Lexi Punishes and Degrades [Caning ,Corporal Punishment ,Female Domination] Full HD

Lexi Luna continues her punishment and degradation of her slave. Her slave comes crawling in, wearing a humble, already filled with fear of his Goddess. She throws him in a stockade to begin her next stage of punishment, and one of Lexi’s favorite, her cane. She canes his ass and you can easily see the stripes on the slave’s ass, and his fear is palpable. His legs are shaking with complete and utter fear and submission to his Goddess. Counting off the strikes, until Lexi whacks him too hard and too fast for him to count. Of course, if the slave makes it through this phase of his punishment…Lexi is already planning what’s next…
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[FEMDOM 2018]obeynikita – Back Scratched [FEMDOM, CORPORAL PUNISHMENT, WHIPPING] Full HD

My long red nails are always very sharp just after they’re perfected at the salon. It’s the best time to use them to mark my property. This slave was most likely dreaming about my new talons plunging down that little pee hole until it came. Nope. I have no use for that pathetic thing. I’ll just use my bitch as my fleshy canvas to draw on by scratching the skin off its back. It also works nicely as a human nail file taking the harsh edges off. I can’t have my nails popping through my gorgeous FF nylons, after all.
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[FEMDOM 2018]Clubdom: Stella Liberty Whips [Female Domination, Femdom, Whipping] Full HD

Stella Liberty has decided to ready her whip, which is bad news for the pain slave. He is locked up, exposed, and mentally tormented with the upcoming whipping. Stella once again shows the pain slave no mercy. Heartlessly carving up his back, questioning the slave’s desire to be her property, Stella continues her incessant testing of this slave. With the severe flagellation, the slave shakes not only with trepidation, but also due to the merciless beating that pushes his limits. Has Stella Liberty decided which slave to keep yet?
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Mistress Nikita/Obeynikita: VFMC Punished & Fucked

Crawl into my cage, slut! I want you to see what’s in store for a little whore like you because you’re next once I’m done with this bitch. Of course you can watch while I have some fun cropping its ass to a nice shade of bright red before I slam its fuck-hole long, hard and deep with my rubber dick. This is what you so desperately crave, isn’t it? That’s it… beg me to fuck you and then tell me what a total slut you are. This one is definitely a total slut. It practically begs me to suck my dirty cock clean after it’s been plunged into its pussy. Are you ready to be taken out now?
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