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[BDSM 2018]mfvideobrazil – Alessandra Oliver And Slave Priscilinha – Karate Feet Face [belly punching, crushing, deep feet] download for free

27th August 2018


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Alessandra Oliver, our karate domina use her sexy barefeets to destroy a slave. She kicking the slave as strong as she can, all over the slaves body. Poor slave knock out herself quickly, she need to lie on the sofa. Alessandra standing over the slave, and gives hard face slaps by her strong feets. The slave crying from the pain, but the domina doesnt stop herself. She standing on the slaves belly, on her troath , and pushing her feets and heels deep into the slaves mouth. You will see hard karate slaps and kicks in this movie!
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Mfvideobrazil: Fighting Girls Scissor Championship 1

In this video, you can watch the fight of 5 beautiful girls. They are performing scissor and judoka, and they are very good at it!
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Mandy Flores: Perverted brother BEATDOWN

Featuring Jason Ninja

I figured my brother did nothing all day but jack his dick like a horny loser, but never did I think he would beat it to his sister. I walk in and catch him drooling at both ends over my pictures and leave no time for explaination. This poor fool gets it hard! Suffering all my strength and I show no mercy. Face scissoring him until he almost passes out while delivering crotch blows. ‘Please sis, stop!’ Hahaha! Shut up! You are no longer my brother, you are just a perverted piece of as far as Im concernered. While smothering his face with my sweaty pussy and ass his actually gets a fucking hard on! I should just waste this fucker, he obviously is very mental, I would be doing the world a favor. Never thought beating my brother would be such a great workout, think I’ll using my personal meat punching bag everyday. Nothing he can say will save him from a beating he wont forget.
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Mandy Flores : Scissorhold Domination

My lipstick slave offered me a much needed vacation after my bodybuilding competition. He flew me to Vegas for a week of shopping, pampering, dining, and gambling. After a day of shopping he normally gives me a foot rub but my legs were more sore so I gave him permission to give my muscles a rub. As hes rubbing them we are discussing how strong they are and I mentioned that I had did a set of squats with 260lbs at the gym the other day. He comments how they dont look THAT strong. Do you think Im lying to you slave? How dare you contradict me. How about you come lay over here and feel for yourself how strong my legs are. As Im squeezing his head and hes turning purple I ask him how my legs feel around his neck. Its very painful Mistress. I think my feet resting on his cock was a bit of distraction and he didnt beg for me to stop. He enjoys face sitting sessions where I control his breath but this time something just doesnt feel right to him. I wanted him to admit that he was wrong and that my legs are as strong as I said. He must have been dazed and confused to tell me he still doesnt think they look that strong so I was done with him and this time I wasnt going to be nice. The hard flexing Im exerting on him feels so good and Im just enjoying putting him in his place too much that I dont notice his whole head turning purple, hes tapping my legs…..looks likes hes out for the night. Hope these bennys in your wallet isnt all you have because when you wake up all that will be left of you is a sore neck and a few dollars.
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mfvideobrazil – Meg And Paulinha – Real Fight Boxing Marathon Part 1

Meg and Paulinha are Brazilian women who like boxing. The fighting girls are really wild and they want to win at any price. Meg, the inked, blonde girl doesn’t wear pants so you can see her pussy during the fight. (She is totally shaved.) Paulinha has a school uniform on. After Meg wins, she tells Paulinha to lie on the bed. She doesn’t stop the beating, because she is really mad at her. The slave must lick her pussy very thoroughly, which is very good for Meg. The fighting girls play with each other for half an hour. You gonna like the domination, because the lesbian licking is very tempting. You will have a good day thanks to this girl with girl scenario!
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mfvideobrazil – Meg And Paulinha – MP4/Full HD – Real Fight Boxing Marathon Part 2

This is the second part of a fighting girl video with Meg and Vivi. In this movie, they change roles and Vivi wins the fight against Meg. The mixed fight is very tempting, because they wear not too many clothes. Vivi’s school uniform is really pretty. After a while, the girl with girl boxing ends and they lie on the bed. Vivi sits on Meg’s face as a punishment. You can take a look at her beautiful thighs during the face sitting. She also licks Meg’s round ass. The domination is hard, and the Brazilian fighting girls show no mercy at all. They beat each other really wildly. If you like this video, you can also watch the first part of this movie on the site.
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