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restrainedelegance – Clockwork Peardrop HD download for free

12th July 2018


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Oh lordy. One of the things with trying to be experimental and interesting and try new things is that sometimes an idea that looks good on paper looks a bit loony when you sit down to review the footage.
Case in point: this video. It was originally conceived in the aftermath of the great success we had with Ariel’s original beautiful slavegirl dance (one of the videos I’m most proud of from all the early days of RE- I think it is just gorgeous).
I think we’d just watched "A Clockwork Orange" together, and I know we were thinking whether we could figure out a good way to shoot a dance routine with a lot more bondage in it. We did, eventually. (See Ariel’s bondage dance). What we learned shooting this one is that we needed very tight choreography and LOTS of footage to make a bondage dance video properly.

This one, we just tried to improvise in the studio with eccentric styling inspired by A Clockwork Orange, a lot of chains, and a couple of cameras pointed at the scene.
I think is quite stylish, but also quite, quite mad! Ariel’s not exactly sure what she was thinking when she came up with to "swimming across the floor using the chain" dance move. It’ll catch on, I tell you (it’s about 40 years too late, it would have fitted into a Disco routine just fine). We thought it was time for our first attempt to see the light of day as a bonus/out-take- enjoy!
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[BDSM 2018]ilovechloetoy – Restrained Teens Full HD download for free

8th July 2018


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[BONDAGE 2018]pantyhosetherapy – Now She Gets It SD

Pantyhose fetish, a concept so simple and natural and sexual to me — to you — sometimes requires a bit of coaxing, in newbie unusued to losing all control…
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[BONDAGE 2018]restrainedelegance – Domme Anita deBauch – Enslaved and Hogtied [nude, ungagged, redhead] 4K

#GameOfSlaves dominatrix Anita deBauch has fallen foul of a slave raid on her mansion! The mysterious masked intruder overpowered her and now has her new slave naked, collared and helpless! Feisty Anita struggles against the ropes as her assilant hogties her barefoot on the bed in tight rope! Collared with a bejewelled steel collar, as inescapable as the tie, stunning redhead Anita has truly fallen into the hands of a cruel Mistress!

Now that her victim is properly restrained, her assailant removes her mask- it is wicked Temptress Kate! Anita rails and rants at her arch-rival: "It’s one thing to steal my slaves, but quite another to enslave me! When I get out of here, you are so going to get it! I’m a domme! When I get out of this, I’m going to win my freedom! I’m not staying a sub!"

But brave words will not win her freedom- nor stop the whole viewing audience of #GameOfSlaves from relishing the sight of the downfall of a top dominatrix, displayed helpless in a harsh hogtie, her naked breasts and beautiful wrinkled soles on display in beautiful 4K resolution all over the web!
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[BONDAGE 2018]restrainedelegance – Nude In Metal Maid Service [barefoot, bedroom, blonde] 4K

It’s a big selling point for the hotel. All their staff are nude-in-metal girls! How would you like to have a beautiful, athletic blonde wearing nothing but chains, shackles and a collar come to service your room every morning? Hands chained behind her back, getting each room cleaned and tidied and perfect takes the maid a good time- the clients and the management are very demanding that everything be just-so, even though it is hard to get it right what with the hands shackled behind her any everything.

Naked, barefoot and on tiptoes, Tillie must make the bed, smooth down the duvet, plump the pillows… she puts her ingenuity to work (and who wouldn’t want their pillows plumped by a naked slave-girl’s perfect posterior?) Then it is time to clean up the place, vacuuming in the nude, the heavy steel leg irons rattling and confining her perfect trim ankles. She knows that if she doesn’t do a good job, tomorrow she will be made to do it with a very short ankle-chain to hobble her, so she’d best do it right!
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[BONDAGE 2018]restrainedelegance – Chloe Toy: Air Hostess To Sex Slave [rope bondage, ballgag, girlgirl] Full HD

Flight attendant Chloe Toy has a secret! Every day when she gets to her hotel after serving passengers on a long-haul flight, she spends the night driving herself into a frenzy of fantasy, imagining that one of the haughty, dominant passengers has decided to follow her to the hotel room and make her into their sex slave! She imagines the rope in the strong, confident hands, tying her tight on the bed, seeking to continue the service-orientated submissive’s journey into sexual degradation and pleasure. She imagines a ball-gag being placed into her mouth to muffle any complaints- a sex slave doesn’t need to speak, after all! Tied hand and foot, naked, barefoot and bound. She will be helpless to resist! She imagines what her new owner would choose to do with her once they had her hogtied and helpless…
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