mfvideobrazil – Nataly Di Fiori And Slave Anne – Smother And Mouth Play [handsmother ,humilate, domination] HD download for free

Domina Nataly torturing her poor little slave Anne by smother. Nataly use her strong hands to cover all the slaves mouth and nose, and not let her to breath for a long-long secondes. She also playing a little bit with the slave’s tongue and pulling her mouth to make it as big as she can. Nataly is a very imaginative domina, she has a lots of ideas how to humiliate her slave. She use a white gloves by smothering, put little things into the slaves mouth, or she use Anne’s long hair to cover her face and smothering with it.
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mfvideobrazil – HandSmother – Giganta Thais Monteiro [handsmother, girl whith girl, brasil] Full HD download for free

A brazilian beauty smothers another girl by hands. Older female humiliated by hand smothering. She is suffocating and choking.
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mfvideobrazil – Mistress Pamela And Slave Alessandra – HandSmother [handsmother, domination, blond,] SD

Brazilian blonde beauty Pamela smothers her slave Alessandra with her perfect shaped hands. The slave is not allowed to get air. Its a real homemade smother movie with two perfect looking babes from brazil. So try see this homemade movie and see how girls make real smother movie because they like it. Also the dominatrix use her feets to smother her victim and her arms to cover mouth and nose of the slave compleatly.
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mfvideobrazil – Real Twins – Handsmother Fight Championship [real family ,handsmother, hand fetish] Full HD

Two twins, alias 2-2 girls are wrestling in this movie and smothering each other on the ground. The first twins are 2 curvy blondies with pigtails, the other are 2 really fit girls with tattooes and dark hair and perfect tits. At first, there is a twin-twin fight between them, after it the two winner sister fight with each other to become the champion.

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Mfvideobrazil: Fighting Girls Scisssor Games University

Scissor can be very sexy if it’s done by nasty women… in this video, there are many young girls who are playing with each other. They wear only a bra and a thong, so you can take a look at their beatiful bodies. There is also a girl who has a school uniform. The group enjoys the feet domination and smothering very much. They are really cruel to each other during the fight. The scissor and judoka seem to be very painful. They put each others’ neck between their sexy thighs and push it. This is extremely unpleasant for the suffering slave, because she is hardly able to breathe. She must take a close look at the skinny pussies of the other girls during the scissor and judoka.
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Homsmother: A drain without air!

While he’s close to tears, I’m on the other hand close to laughter! I can’t explain how much I love to control this loser’s breaths. Indeed I complain about his cants, but secretly it’s my favorite indicator for his level of pain. No sooner did I let him breathe again than it sounded like it was his first breath for years! And I am the one to control it. The less he likes it, the more I love it!!

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Homsmother: Between nylonlegs and smotherbox

My nylonlegs spread above his head while his head is caught movelessly inside the smotherbox. It’s the perfect seating position to squeeze out his breathing air with both of my hands without mercy! In between I allow him to have a break. But not because he deserved a break to breathe, but because I wanna exploit his relief! I wanna brutally take his new won joy by pressing my hands again on his mouth and nose, and that time I’ll increase the pressure and make it last even longer!
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Hunterotic: Handsmother Dangerous Hands – Strarring Top Domina Abbie Cat

Abbie torturing her slave by her sexy and strong hands. She cover all the slaves mouth and nose, while that cant breath for a long-long secondes. Abbie holding this poor girls as hard as she can, the slave has to really fight for some oxygen. Our pornstar tries out many smothering positure,gives some face slapping, pulling the slaves hair and shows her big boobs also.
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