Ball Busting Chicks: Sadistic Nurse

This nurse loves her job, specially when she got the opportunity to examine naked young man with their genitals exposed. She is not surprised when they get a huge erection, specially when they can manage to touch her or when they got aroused to be in a CFNM situation. But this sadistic nurse likes and enjoys to inflict pain to male genitals and she is delighted when her nude patients scream with pain! Specially when she sees and touches a rock hard cock. She grabs, twists and beat his genitals with her gloved hand. Not soft – remember this is not a normal nurse – but as brutal as possible his cock and balls get beaten up. Just a little sexual tease and jerking in-between the ruthless punishment. Her biggest fun of course is to kick them – with her slender and very long legs – hard and brutal in the balls! While he still sticks out his fully erected cock towards the nurse! You can bet his ball sack get beaten and kicked by this sexy nurse in high heels like never before.


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