[BDSM 2018]mfvideobrazil – Alessandra Oliver And Slave Priscilinha – Karate Feet Face [belly punching, crushing, deep feet] download for free

Alessandra Oliver, our karate domina use her sexy barefeets to destroy a slave. She kicking the slave as strong as she can, all over the slaves body. Poor slave knock out herself quickly, she need to lie on the sofa. Alessandra standing over the slave, and gives hard face slaps by her strong feets. The slave crying from the pain, but the domina doesnt stop herself. She standing on the slaves belly, on her troath , and pushing her feets and heels deep into the slaves mouth. You will see hard karate slaps and kicks in this movie!
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[FEMDOM 2018]cfnmtv – Mark and John – Motor Maintenance (part 1-4)

Carol Leon is upping the pressure on her new employees – and they must satisfy her demands or they’ll be out of a job. Having decided the business is over-manned she thinks a wanking competition would be the fairest way to decide who gets the sack. With the women as judges the men must work themselves up into a frenzy if they want to remain employed.
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[FEMDOM 2018]humiliationpov – Raevyn Rose – Cruel Girlfriend Breakup Makes Your Limp Little Dick Hard [FEMDOM POV, SMALL PENIS HUMILIATION, VERBAL HUMILIATION] download for free

Raevyn Rose

I’m so glad you’re home, we have a few things we need to talk about and I’ll get right to the point. We’re through, I’m breaking up with you. The past few years have been a complete waste of my time, it’s been an absolute disaster. I just can’t stand you any more. I mean I know you love coming home to me, but I don’t love coming home to you. I mean look at yourself. You’re a fucking loser. No woman wants to come home to you.
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[FEMDOM 2018]humiliationpov – Princess Ellie – Ruin It For My Feet And My Pussy [FOOT WORSHIP, PUSSY WORSHIP, FEMDOM POV] HD download for free

Princess Ellie

Are you a foot addict? Maybe you love stocking feet. You love them so fucking much. You’re so fucking lucky that I was feeling generous enough to put on my sexy stockings, to allow you to be in my presence like this. Isn’t that right foot boy? I see you also noticed that I’m not wearing any panties. You really are fucking lucky today aren’t you? You are my little foot bitch.
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[FEMDOM 2018]cfnmtv – Naked Bike – Ride Virgins (part 1-2) HD download for free

University student Hugh is on a mission. He lost a bet with his Ecology group and it was decided that his forfeit would be to do the World Naked Bike Ride in London. He’s been promised by his Uni chums ten pounds for Greenpeace for each woman who stops to have their photo taken with him – so must flaunt his naked body to numerous female strangers!
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[FEMDOM 2018]humiliationpov – Goddess Alexandra Snow – Fuck The Bible, Fuck Your God, Devote Yourself To Me [FEMDOM POV, MIND FUCK, MENTAL DOMINATION] HD download for free

Goddess Alexandra Snow

Were you a good little church boy? Have you always done all the right things? I bet you did. I’ll bet you even devoted yourself to God. I bet you didn’t even touch your own cock because they told you masturbating was a sin. What happened to you though? All those years of doing everything that the church told you to and absorbing all of that morality didn’t make you very happy, did it? No it didn’t. Instead you found yourself here, didn’t you? You found yourself faced with temptation and you couldn’t resist.
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