[FEMDOM 2018]bratprincess – Charlotte and Gwen – Workers Worshiping Skills Assessed during Performance Review (Part 2) [CHASTITY MALE, FOOT DOMINATION, OFFICE DOMINATION] Full HD

1080 HD In part 2 of this clip the shoes come off! Taylor must sniff the young intern’s socks and worship his boss’ feet. Office domination, chastity and financial domination throughout this clip. See complete version for full clip description.
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Goddess Dylan

I don’t know why you guys think that cum tastes so bad. Eating cum really isn’t that bad. I mean you want girls to eat it but suddenly when it comes to you it’s the most disgusting thing you’ve ever heard of. There are things that are Way more disgusting that are food that you’ve probably eaten already.
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[FEMDOM 2018]bratprincess – Charlotte and Gwen – Workers Worshiping Skills Assessed during Performance Review (Part 1) [FEMALE DOMINATION, CHASTITY MALE, OFFICE DOMINATION] Full HD

1080 HD Part 1 of this clip contains foot worship, chastity, and office domination. For full description see complete version.
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[FEMDOM 2018]subbyhubby – Alissa Dominates The Family Part 5: Fucked StepBrother [Sissy Training, Stepbrother, Strapon] Full HD

Alissa Avni is dominating her family and she isn’t through. Her StepBrother now has to feel the humiliation of taking her cock in his mouth and his ass. Alissa puts a gag on him with large lips, making him look like a cock-sucking whore. She makes him blow her cock and then she stuffs it in his tight virgin ass. The cock is barely going into his virgin ass but that doesn’t stop Alissa from being determined to stretch him out and fuck him properly like the bitch stepbrother that he is.
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[FEMDOM POV 2018]humiliationpov – Princess Mika – Fall Deeply In Love With Me – Addiction Obsession Mind Trap [MIND FUCK, GODDESS WORSHIP, FEMDOM POV] HD

Princess Mika

Look at me, look deep into my big beautiful eyes, you could just get lost in them, couldn’t you? You’re falling so hard and so deep for me. You’re obsessed with me. You’re addicted to me. And you deserve to fall even deeper for me. I want you even more deeply obsessed and addicted. I want you falling deeper and deeper and deeper for me. Because the deeper you fall the more that I can take advantage of you. And I know that deep down, you want me to. You want me to have more control. You want me to take advantage of you. It feels so good to fall deeper, to be more addicted and obsessed.
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[BONDAGE 2018]restrainedelegance – Don’t Cross the Gang! [ballgag, girlgirl, barefoot]Full HD

Natalia finds out the hard way that if someone has squealed, suspicion always falls first on the newest members of the gang!
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