Month: March 2018

K KLIXEN PRODUCTIONS: K the milking table – Lilu (PART B)

…you wouldn´t believe how much precum a guy can produce during one hour of Lilu´s super soft torturing treatment… the swaying dangling strands of satiny and lustrous precum started to flow more and more… it´s texture became a mixture of translucent stringy liquid and a pearly-white gelatinous runny fluid as pre-ejaculate semen exited the seminal glands and made its way out with precum… this sensual, carnal mixture became thicker, whiter and torridly hot as nerve and muscle contractions surged it up through the vein-laced, throbbing fleshy shaft… out through the open slit… spurting and spraying uncontrollably in turbulent streams soaring all over Lilu´s supple form… (shown from 2 camera angles)
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Princess Diana: Smelling ass on his face MP4 (1280*720) HD

I know how you like to smell my butt. And even more, when my butt is on your face. I will tease you, giving only a little. But the smell will grow as your passion. My ass will be getting closer and closer …
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cfnmtv: The Mixed Hostel (Part 1-7)

Strange things are happening at the Hostel. Walking past the drab exterior, no-one would guess that two handsome young men are being kept totally naked in one of the dormitories. They’d never suspect that two cunning female backpackers and two older women, all fully clothed, would have them completely under their control. But for these two men it’s excruciatingly real and the women are showing no signs of having finished with them yet.
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You think she’s submissive ? Appearances can be misleading my friend.

Luna Rival has just turned 20, the young European porn star spends her time between Prague and Paris, Budapest and Madrid, when she’s not in London to work on her last movie.

Luna Rival is the kind of vicious student able to turn you on wherever you are, she has more than 60,000 followers on twitter, she shoots with the greatest actors, the little first timer has become a great actress in less than 2 years. However, the porn star has a well-kept secret, something she never told, maybe, something she cannot say in her field of activity: She enjoys dominating guys.

A good news for all those who dream to crawl at her feet, slaves and subs will be delighted !


4 PM – Dungeon Marquis de Sade – stark naked in her sparkling clean thigh high boots, leather cap, whip in her hand, Luna is going to care of Bob’s little ass – resident slave – pure masochist very appreciated by all our Mistresses. Luna warned us : “I’m a fucking switch” and who better than Bob can trust her ? Bob the plumber, regular at the club, he donated his body to our sadistic Doms and now, he’s ready to give his ass to Luna’s whip…
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Saint Mackenzie’s: Geeky School Girl Melissa Plays with a Stethoscope While Stripping Off Her Uniform

Melissa has just got back from infiltrating rival school St William’s and she is still wearing their cute grey & red uniform. As she waits for Matron to arrive she is restless and decides to have a look through the desk drawers. She finds Matron’s stethoscope and reflex hammer and curiosity gets the better of her. She takes them both, using the stethoscope first to listen to her heart, but she struggles to hear anything through her uniform! So she starts to slip off her uniform, pausing to see if she can hear her heart while she does. Soon she is in just her lingerie and she can hear her heartbeat much better now. However she wonders if her bra may be restricting what she can hear, so she slips that off too, along with her panties, and finally Melissa is left completely naked contently listening to the pounding of her heart!
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Humiliation POV Princess London Lix: Euphoric Findom Touchless Ruined Orgasm, Cum Just From Clicking

Princess London Lix

You’re a financial domination addict who has learned to love the act of paying. It makes your cock feel so good, better than anything else you’ve ever felt. You love having your wallet fucked, having your wallet rinsed, and having your bank account drained by a woman who otherwise wouldn’t be paying you any attention at all. I hope you realize the only use you could ever be to be is as a pay pig, a human atm. You’re a loser with nothing else to offer.
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cfnmtv: Debt Collectors (Part 1-5)

It’s almost too easy for the clever and manipulative women of Glove Bunny. They know just how to bend men to their wills – as they have done twice in the same day! They are having so much fun and want to see just how far they can push their latest plaything before he cracks under the pressure.
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Ball Busting Chicks: Victoria: Jerked off and humiliated

Locked up and his hands tied up she jerks him off and promise him to treat him nice. But as he cums she change her mind, laughs at his ridicules manhood, spanks his cock and let him lick of his own sperm from the dirty floor.
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Saint Mackenzie’s: Gorgeous School Girls Amy & Natalia Play with Their Sexy Uniforms While Stripping

Amy & Natalia have just returned from running an official errand for Headmistress and are waiting in her office; they are both dressed very smartly in the official St Mackenzie’s uniform. As they wait they admire the uniform and each other in the uniform, they both look very sexy indeed. As they play around they start to slip items off, discussing just how naughty the uniform could be rearranged. As they slip off their blouses they discuss just how sexy it would look if, while now in just their lingerie, they redid their ties and slipped their blazers back on! As they set about creating their naughty new look they discuss how they would slip out of their new skimpy uniform to tease a man! Before you know it both girls have stripping naked, but have left on their sexy over the knee socks, heels & hat!
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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery: Cruel Hateful Verbal Degradation

You’re just a fucking waste of space, aren’t you? Look at yourself. Disgusting. You actually get off on being called a loser, don’t you? I have a lot more for you than just calling you a loser. Do you think you can handle me telling you the truth about what a piece of shi+ you are? We’ll see if you’re not in the fetal position crying like a little bitch by the time you get to watch this guy nut. Lucky him, eh? You know it will never be you. You’ll never get to be with me or a woman like me.
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