Month: October 2017

Trampleinbrazil: PAINFUL SMILES | Lizandra | Sabrina

Two girls are coming back from a party, but accidentally Sabrina fall of the stair and Lisandra laughs at her…but her laughs turn into painful smiles. Sabrina decide to make Lisandra her own stair.
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Trampleinbrazil: Real Slaps, Belly Punch and Trample! | Bel | Isabele Mello

In this movie, there are lots of different types of torture with slaps, punches and so much more. There are some notes from the Director that got really elated with the result of slaps, punches and trample on the documentary. In the first story, Bel is really fury and slap and punch Isabelle. Isabelle vomited because she felt so bad with the ache in her stomach.
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Humiliation POV Princess Kate: Edge On Loop Until Your Brain Turns To Mush (October 31st 2017)

Princess Kate

Hi loser, I know you’re staring at my sexy body in my sexy lingerie. I know it makes you horny. You’re going to be stuck playing this clip on loop, hour after hour until you’re completely crazy for me, until you’ve edged your brain to mush. I want you edging, without an end. Edge to my perfection loser, I know you can’t stop.

You’re so horny, so stupid as you edge to my body. I know how much you love to jerk, how mindless you become as you edge to a hot bratty girl who’s way too good for you. You do this every night of your life. You’re a jerking addict. And I’m going to make you edge, I’m going to tease and deny you. I’m going to bring you right to the edge and then make you stop. And then we’re going to do that again and again, making you absolutely crazy.

Get stupid for my body, get stupid for me while I fuck your brain, until you can’t think anymore. I want you thinking with your cock only. Nothing else matters, just me and edging your horny cock. Edge that cock over and over as I deny you over and over. This is what you deserve, to have your cock denied and your brains scrambled.

You’re going to edge over and over again to this clip. For hours, days even. I’m going to tease and deny you over and over again, and then you’re going to start from the beginning and watch this clip all over again, on endless loop until your brain is fried, LOL! I’m going to fuck your brain up loser and there’s nothing you can do about it.
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Stocking Slaves

Mistress sunshine enjoys lazing on her bed and seeing her slave gagging on her stockings feet
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Maso Seb ? It’s easy to understand, this guy knows everything, the BDSM has no secret for him. Slave since he turned 19, he’s used to hard domination, Maso Seb is a walking encyclopedia of BDSM, once again, he knows everything… except Mistress Rachel.

When this big bitch arrives late in the dungeon Marquis de Sade, he cannot imagine Rachel’s methods: a pair of resounding slaps to begin, one liter of piss directly into his mouth – cheers asshole – an invitation to clean the filthy floor with his tongue, a face slapping session, hot wax on his natural breast and on his ridiculous cock and last but not least, one whole night handcuffed to the Saint Andrew’s cross…

What do you think about that big bitch ? You like it ? You did not expect ?
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Spittingbitches: Clearing her throat during her exercises

Phew, doing those exercises really is exhausting! And all the time the spittle and drivel is accumulating in the throat. A good thing that Mercedes has her spit servant sitting at her side. A cough to get everything loose – and then she is spitting everything at him. Ohhh ? obviously Mercedes has had quite a lot of drivel and spit and snot in her throat. The loser should open his mouth quickly to receive it!
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cfnmtv: The Country Doctor (part 1-2)

Latitia thought all hope was lost until this big strong hulking man walked into her office. She melts and feels passions within her which she thought long-since buried spring to the surface. It’s funny how one moment you can think all hope is lost and then quite suddenly you are presented with a creature so handsome and charming that you are thankful and hungry to taste what life is all about again. She thinks that perhaps it all has been worth it. Maybe moving to the country to run a small practice was the right move after all.
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Brat Princess 2: Chloe – Plans Date with Boyfreind while Getting Foot Worship in Bed (1080 HD)

1080 HD Chloe applies lip gloss while danni cleans her shoes with his mouth. She leans back and tells danni to move on to her feet. Danni takes off Chloe’s shoes. She yells at him for doing it wrong. Chloe looks very sexy in her lingerie as danni worships her perfect feet. She examines her makeup in her compact mirror. Chloe isn’t sure she likes the lip gloss she just applied. Danni needs to get more for her. She wants to find a lip gloss that she likes better than the one she just got. While they’re shopping, Chloe wants danni to get her a new outfit for a date with her boyfriend. Danni complains that he just bought Chloe an outfit to wear for her boyfriend. Chloe gets mad because that was last week. She needs a new one for her date this week. She already got fucked in last week’s outfit! It’s not new anymore! Chloe makes a list of stuff she wants to get so that she can look hot for her boyfriend. Danni’s going to get it for her, because Chloe knows that danni wants her to be happy. Danni can only make Chloe happy with things. He isn’t equipped to please her in any other way. While Chloe is out on her date, danni will be home on Saturday night, doing Chloe’s homework. She has a paper due Monday. Only losers do homework on the weekend.
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