Month: June 2017

Brat Princess 2: Sasha – Heavy Bondage Ruined Handjob (Two Cumshots Two Angles) (1080 HD)

At the Edging Salon, Sasha has a slave’s body in utterly inscape bondage and his mind in virtual entrapment. His physical and mental vulnerabilities exposed, Sasha plays around a little, teasing him. Its balls are trapped in a metal crusher, clamped down tight. There’s no moving away from the stroking. No way to resist Sasha’s relentless tease. The first ruined cum is profuse. The stammering slave leaks out all over its metal prison. Sasha giggles at the ruined slave. She doesn’t stop. Sasha keeps stroking until she ruins a second orgasm. The second ruin is a near as big as the first. The slave begs Sasha to stop. Will she? There’s a bonus highlight at the end of this clip featuring Alexa and Harley in “Edged and Ruined Over and Over.” There are four ruined orgasms in the bonus highlight and two ruined orgasms in the clip itself. Six ruined orgasms total! (8:52 long)

Production note: Sasha’s handjob shows two angles of each cum shot. First, the ruined cum shot is shown from a wide angle with a picture in picture view. Then, each cum shot is shown in a full screen closeup.
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Humiliation POV Princess Alix Lynx: Bratty Porn Star Princess Ruins Your Orgasm(June 30th 2017)

Princess Alix Lynx

What a good boy you are, coming to me for your jerk off instructions. So go on, jerk it for me perv. And who could blame you for perving and jerking to me, I am so fucking hot. And I love controlling your cock, I love how you obey and jerk when I say and cum only on my command. So follow my instructions and jerk it to my hot, young body. Stare at my perfect tits as you jerk it. Good boy, I know you love obeying a hot, bratty porn star. You’re so lucky that I let you jerk off to me. I know it feels so good, that’s why you’re addicted to jerking it.

You jerk it for me, not knowing when or if I’m going to let you cum. You just love entering that jerk trance state as you mindlessly jerk it to my words and my body. Now jerk it to my perfect ass as it sways back and forth in front of you. It’s almost too much for you to handle. Stroke it knowing I’d never let you touch me. But losers like you would rather stroke than fuck, so you’re probably loving this! LOL! All I’m ever going to be to you is a fantasy. I know my words and my sweet voice are making you harder.

I know I can make you cum any second, but I’m going to make you work for this orgasm. Keep stroking your cock loser. You’re so lucky to get jerk off instructions from your bratty porn star princess. But know that you’re just one of thousands of guys who jerk off to me. I have so many addicted losers and you’re just another one of them. Now stare at my pussy that you’ll never have as you jerk it faster and faster for me.

Get yourself on the edge, I want you so close to cumming, but don’t go over the edge yet, not without my permission. Good boy. Now slow it down a bit. I’m going to count you down to an intense orgasm, and when I reach one, you better cum. Are you ready? Five, four, three, two…. now when I get to one and you start to explode, I want you to take your hand off of your cock. Cum without touching it. Ruin that orgasm for me! Let your cum spurt out all over the place, let it just leak out of your cock. You don’t deserve a nice orgasm, do you?
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Bratty Foot Girls: Amadahy & Alexa Chastity Foot Slave Training – SD MP4

Amadahy has her real life LSave Max at her feet to serve herself and Alexa. He isn’t into feet and is locked in chastity but that doesn’t mean he gets out of worshiping both Goddesses feet. Amadahy mocks “it” as she makes it suck her heel like a cock. Making it lick the bottom of her dirty heels before it gets the satisfaction of smelling their divine Goddess bare feet. Once the shoes are off it has to suck on their toes and lick their smelly soles clean. Seeing it is locked in chastity and stripped naked, it is made to lay down as the Goddesses foot gag it on the floor before having it return to foot slavery.
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Strafkamer: MISTRESS BATON’s 60 Stroke Caning and Sjambokking

MISTRESS BATON, wearing glossy PVC trousers and lace-up boots, properly thrashes the bottom of a man with a selection of implements: thin and thick tree switches, plastic canes etc.

The hard blows leave beautiful silver stripes against his black skin.
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Deviant Fetish Girls: Softball Tryouts – Batter Up!

SUNSHINE is the captain of her SOFTBALL team and you gotta have tough balls to make her squad. He shows up for tryouts thinking he can wear a cup, but she strips him down nude and gives him 3 strikes to prove himself. Will he strike out? It takes hard balls to play SOFTBALL! Brutal baseball bat to the nuts! And kick in cleats replayed from multiple angles. SUNSHINE looks feisty in her SOFTBALL uniform doing damage.
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Domnation: IM NOT DONE WITH YOU YET! Starring Goddess Tangent

After thoroughly thrashing her rebellious slave with a severe crocodile leather whip, Tangent informs her Bitch that there is still more to come! She is not done with him, yet! Not by a long shot. Tangent retrieves yet another arcane leather slapper and goes o town on his ass cheeks and back.

This whip is so painful that her slave literally loses consciousness from the harsh beating. But that doesnt bother the Goddess one little bit. She just awakens him, lifts him up and begins whipping him again even harder. Last but certainly not least, Tangent busts out a short single tail whip and rips him to shreds in mere seconds. Lights out again!
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Divine Goddess Jessica: Little Perv Goes Gay

You are visiting your older br0 and his roomie. You spent day 1 with your friends and the first night you disappeared into my roommate’s bedroom. I come to confront you and find you out by the pool. I try to yell but I’m so distracted and instead go to Starbucks for you, when I return you tell me to calm down, all of the noise I heard last night was him begging for sex. Instead you had him service you and left him blue balled. You explain he is ready to do anything for you.You notice that my eyes keep sliding along your body. It’s no surprise to you. When we lived at home, I used to spy on you and jerk off. But I didn’t know that you knew. You ask me if I want to go watch you from the window and jerk off for old time’s sake. I’m so embarrassed.Then you let me in on what you two discussed last night – what he needs to do to make you happy. When roomie comes home, he is going to take me into his room to show me something. He’ll start some male-horseplay but after a while he is going to try to kiss me. And you tell me I am going to let him. You say its okay for me to ‘protest’ (‘what are you doing dude?’) but then I need to reciprocate. Then he is going to bend me over, stick it in and cum inside me.I’m mortified, but you don’t care. I’m getting weaker by the second looking at your amazing body and you know it. You explain that roomie will probably not be hard and so if I want to get the whole thing over with, I better take it in my mouth until it is hard enough to do the job.You explain one more thing. Roomie is going to lock the door for our ‘session’ but I am going to work him over to the door and unlock it while we are going at it. The reason I am going to do that is so that you can come in and film it.
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Princess Ellie Idol: YOUR FIRST FATHER’S DAY

Happy Father’s Day! I know you’re not a father…yet. I want us to get pregnant. Everyone I know is conceiving and I want to have a bb too! I’ve brought you a cupcake and a balloon as well as my thirsty little cervix. It’s time, the clock is ticking! I’m ovulating so let’s go! I want you to impregnate me. Let’s make you a father, today on Father’s Day!
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Kaidence King – Kinky Klips: Convert to cuntism

This was a custom video but no names were used. To order your own, visit or email me (email address at the top of the page).

I knock on your door and walk in wearing a short, tight dress, carrying a small book. “Hello, I’m Kaidence. I’m with the church of the sacred Goddess. I’d like to share our Holy word with you. Can I come in and sit down? Thank you. I should explain. We call ourselves a church, but we don’t worship a male god. We worship the Goddess of all of things female. Our mission is to sow Her holy word in the minds of all men, so that they worship Her and submit to Her. Do you know what the Holy word of the Goddess is? No? Her holy word is CUNT. Yes, cunt. Some men have tried to make that word into something sordid; but we want to reclaim its rightful place. That’s our mission. If you don’t like cunt I’ll leave, but if you love cunt, we’d love you to help us. So, do you love cunt?” I lift up my dress and tease you with my naked cunt (no panties). “You’re not saying anything. Have I shocked you? I told you we weren’t like most churches. If you love my cunt, get on your knees, and worship the Goddess within it by making a little offering.” You give me cash which I stuff in my bra, and I thank you. Then I give you JOI, telling you focus on my powerful cunt. I tell you to stroke your cock for the Goddess. “The power of cunt compels you to cum! Yes, give up your seed to the Goddess! Wow, that was a generous offering too. The Goddess in me is impressed.” I tell you I’m going to come back next week to discuss the Goddess of cunt more. “For now, think about today, think about me, think about the Holy power of cunt, and make another ‘offering’ every day.” I leave.
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Mrs Mischief: Edged to Eruption

Slow, teasing edging makes your cock twitch…sliding my tongue lightly across the head of your dick makes it throb…sucking your balls makes you ache to cum…

But not so fast. I want to take my time, quietly flicking your cock and balls with my wet tongue then sucking you deep into my mouth so that the head of your cock bounces off the back of my throat. I can feel you swell…I can taste your pre-cum…I know you want to shoot now…

..but not yet. First, I want to tease you – torture you a little, pull on your balls and slap the head of your cock around – before expertly sucking you off…..giggle and tease and edge you until you think you can’t take another second.

When I’m ready to let you cum, you’ll know…I’ll start pumping my lips hard and fast over the head and shaft of your cock…I’ll tickle your balls and look you in the eye…making damn sure that you know that I want you to cum just as badly as you do. Can you feel it building up again? Can you feel the sting your head and the deep ache in your balls…hoping that this will really be the time that I let you explode? It’s coming now…finally, you get to erupt…and it’s going to be massive.

** Minimal dialogue **
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