Month: January 2017

cfnmtv: The School Takeover (Part 1-3)

Michael Bagshaw and his son thought they could buy St Dunstan’s, march in and take over. But things aren’t quite working out like that. Carl Bagshaw is undergoing what he has been told is a routine medical examination. But since it is being carried out by schoolgirls Barbara and Cassy, it is far from ordinary. Indeed, the longer it continues, the more terrifying it is for the confused lad.
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Subbyhubby: Tiny Dicklette Wrestling Match

Cameron and Barbie Boy are stretching on the mat before their daily Pilates routine. Cameron asks Barbie Boy “hey you know that nickname everybody calls me, tiny dick?” He then proceeds to pull down his tight pink shorts to expose about a 2″ dick. “Do you think my dick is little?” With a straight face Barbie Boy says “no man it looks normal.” He kind of laughs to himself. Alexis Grace and Kendra James are there to work out too. They’re like “look it’s tiny dick, it’s tiny dick.” Cameron jumps up very angrily and informs the ladies that his uncle has bought this gym and there will be no more women allowed. The ladies laugh and tell him “we didn’t mean to break up time with you and your boyfriend.” Cameron says “he’s not my boyfriend. As matter of fact, if you ladies don’t leave I’m gonna have to challenge you to a fight!” Alexis and Kendra look at each other, laugh and then proceed to throw him down and grab him in a leg lock till his face turns purple. He already taps out one time as Alexis smothers her vagina in Barbie Boys face. Teasing him saying that he’s never been that close to a pussy in his whole life. This infuriates tiny dick as he jumps up and down throwing a sissy tantrum. Challenging the girls again, he is thrown right back to the ground to be forced into another submission hold. Goddess Alexis takes Barbie Boy while Kendra exposes tiny dicks “tiny dick”. Alexis shoves Barbie Boys face between Cameron legs forcing him to suck his dicklet. The ladies love the control they have over these sissies. The humiliation continues for the sissy sluts. Goddess Kendra James and Alexis Grace put these bitch boys in headlocks and make them jerk each other off and wrestle them to the ground. Holding them in some leg locks and do a circle jerk. The ladies love forcing the sissies to do whatever they want. Humiliating them even further after they’ve already kicked their asses. Making them tap out three times. Now it’s time to see tiny dicks squirt his tiny little load. Goddess Alexis feeds him his own filth while Kendra decides to flip Barbie boys bitch ass over and make him suck his own cock. Ladies high-five one another as they love the control they have over these sluts. Tiny dick is to take more cum in his mouth so they make Barbie Boy jerk off all over his face blasting a huge load of sticky thick goo all over his face. Goddess Alexis Grace and Mistress Kendra James have already humiliated “tiny dick” and his Pilates partner. They made them tap out and give each other hand jobs. Draining them of all their filth and dignity. Now they invite the boys back to their house and say “we feel like fucking. How about you boys?” The boys smirk at each other and agree. Once back at the house, tiny dick tells his friend “I’ve never really been with a woman before.” When the ladies walk out sporting 10 inch hot pink strap on and a 10 inch lavender strap on, tiny dick asks “is this normal? Is this how men and women have sex?” The ladies laugh and say “of course it is, now suck my cock. Lube it up so I can put it in your man pussy. That’s right bitch boy, slobber all over the pink and purple dildo.” Then their bent over and rammed in the rear. Flipped over and fucked on the couch spread eagle as the boys hold hands. The boys say “we will do this together man. We’ll make it through.” Ladies are laughing at what pathetic they are.
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Clubdom: Pool Boys Balls get Busted

The pool boy is at the estate cleaning the pool. As the mistresses walk past they hear him make an inappropriate comment about what nice asses they have. Snide remarks like that deserve a lesson. Amadahy quickly pulls his pants down and grabs his balls showing him she’s in control and that she owns him. Cheyenne Jewel then flips him up around her shoulders and carries him out to the field. Cheyenne holds him steady as Amadahy proceeds to jump kick him right in the nuts. Ball busting at its best! Over and over, kick after kick, she wins as he stumbles to the ground. With victory they sit on top of him and scoop up his pathetic slut sacks as a reminder of who owns men!
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Humiliation POV Goddess Carissa: Add Fingers As You Go From Ass To Mouth

Goddess Carissa

Do you see my middle fingers loser? Fuck you. Do you like that? Of course you do. And since you love it so much I want you to do it too. Put up your two middle fingers and put one in your mouth, and one in your ass. Suck and fuck loser. Fuck your mouth and fuck your ass with your middle fingers loser. In and out you little fucking loser pervert. Look at you, you’ll do anything I say.

Now take your fingers out, and I want you to switch. The one from your asshole, that goes in your mouth now, lol! Now suck it off while you fuck your asshole with your other spit covered middle finger. You’re going ass to mouth loser. Ewwww you’re so gross! Taste it, lick it all off. Is it all off? Good, now switch! LOL! Lick that dirty one and fuck your ass loser. Suck and fuck with your middle fingers. You are so pathetic!

But I’ll bet your ass can take more. Stick another finger in. Yea work it in, fuck that ass, that feels better now, doesn’t it? Your ass needed more. And start sucking on two fingers now as well. Two in your ass and two in your mouth as you fuck them both simultaneously. Oh my god, look how hard your cock is! That is so pathetic. Now switch. Lick those fingers off!

Now let’s add another. I want three fingers in that asshole, open it up. And three in your mouth. Suck and fuck. Oh yea, you like that. Look at how gross and pathetic you are. But you love it. You’re so hard. Now switch, go ass to mouth loser. I fucking love degrading you like this.

Now four loser. Work them in, I don’t care if it hurts. You’ll do it because you’re controlled by me. God look at you, look at how pathetic you are. All alone, fucking your ass and your mouth with your fingers. Going ass to mouth. I wanna hear you choking on your disgusting fingers that just came out of your asshole while you fuck yourself with four fingers. Do you think you can fit yourin? I mean you already have four in there. So go on, do it, stick your whole hand in. Fist yourself loser. And your hands are so busy they can’t even jerk your hard horny cock. But you don’t deserve pleasure, this is all you get. I’m just going to leave you like this, with your mouth and ass full of your fingers and your unsatisfied cock full of cum.
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Brat Princess 2: Alexa and Amadahy – Slave Edged and Locked back in Chastity (1080 HD)

1080 HD: This slave was dumped off at the Edging Salon for just a quick routine edging. It’s been in chastity awhile. The slave is super eager to edge itself to Amadahy and Alexa in their hot bikinis. Before they release the desperate little jerker, Amadahy and Alexa examine the device it’s been locked into. Its balls are so blue and swollen! It hasn’t had a routine edging in a while. Amadahy removes the chastity. The Princesses play an edging game with the pathetic jerker. He’s so eager to cum for a Princess, but it won’t be for these Princesses, and it won’t be today. Today is just an edging day, and then its straight back into chastity. The slave is allowed to edge itself only as per the Princesses instructions, and only for its allotted time. Amadahy thinks that the slave can go a ring smaller with the chastity device, so they do. Once the chastity is back in place, the Princesses tease him some more, just to be cruel. The slave leaves the edging salon even more sexually frustrated and desperate than it was before.
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YOUNG-FEMDOM- Brutal German Girls: One day Hoyseslave from Empress Victoria

2 guys have a wish to be one day the house slave from tall blond Empress Victoria. The goddess like the application from the slaves and so they spend one day in a real goddess life.
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Mistress Nikita/Obeynikita: Rubber Throat Control – MP4

I love making it feel totally owned; like every breath it takes is because I allow it to take it! Well, it is totally owned, after all. And it loves it! Must be since I can feel “my” cock grow stiff under its shiny rubber suit when I wrap my bare hands around its throat and squeeze. It only gets harder when I put my boot sole on its neck and press down. There’s something about hearing it gag and gasp for air that’s thrilling to me. Shoving my thick rubber gloves deep down its throat usually produces a lot of that. So I just keep shoving them down deep and it keeps begging for more. So amusing!
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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery: Slave husband training

Custom vid for Alan (I use his name in the vid). Outline he requested: “You are my wife who has had enough with my pornography addiction, and has decided to to turn the relationship into a Female-Led Marriage with Gynarchy as the belief. You are letting me know what my future will encounter with views of enforced chastity, orgasms for me would be from pegging where you were a feeldoe style strap-on and of course you like to have lots of sex. As the leader in the relationship and to deal with the fact I get excited over interracial sex, regular sex for you is with the black stud of your choice whenever your desire it. The long term goal of course is for me to raise multiple black children and work hard to support the family and be a house husband with a large paycheck.” *This includes a MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION with cum countdown & a feeldo (like a strap-on dick but pat of it also goes inside the pussy for her pleasure) *
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Feet Slave

Mistress Vintage finishes her gym workout and orders her slave on his knees to remove her boots and clean up her sweaty bare feet with his tongue
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